Our Accreditations

If you want to truly know a company and understand how they do business, you must know what they believe in. For us it’s simple, we believe in living by our core values, we believe our client’s best interests come first, and we believe in challenging the status quo in every aspect of the real estate business. Our Land Specialists challenge the status quo through their unrivaled passion for land, their unmatched qualification in the rural real estate business, and by holding themselves to the highest standard possible. We understand that buying or selling a piece of land is most likely the largest financial transaction you will make in your life. These designated accreditations assure that you are working with the most knowledgeable, dedicated, qualified Land Specialist in your area who is ready to help you have the best experience possible.

Whitetail Properties Core Values:

  • We exist to provide our clients and customers with the best buying or selling experience possible.
  • We exist to serve our clients and customers with the highest degree of honesty and care.
  • We exist to elevate the image of the real estate profession by taking integrity, accountability and ethics to the highest level.
  • We exist to lead by action.
  • We exist to never stop learning and growing.
  • We exist to approach and engage in our work with commitment, enthusiasm and passion.
  • We exist to always take the high road regardless of the steepness.
Our Accreditations

QDMA Deer Steward I

Deer Steward I certification indicates a comprehensive understanding of the key principles of deer and habitat biology, ecology and management. All Whitetail Properties Land Specialists have achieved Deer Steward I certification.

Our Accreditations

QDMA Deer Steward II

Deer Steward II certification indicates in-depth knowledge and specialization in the four cornerstones of quality deer management: herd management, habitat management, hunter management and herd monitoring. Those certified in Deer Steward II are uniquely qualified to help clients assemble a comprehensive deer management plan. A significant number of Whitetail Properties Land Specialists have achieved their Deer Steward II certification.

Our Accreditations

ALC (Accredited Land Consultants)

Whitetail Properties Land Specialists with their ALC Designation, earned through the REALTORS® Land Institute are land professionals who are proven to be the most accomplished, experienced, and highest-performing land experts in the business. Becoming an ALC requires hard work, perseverance and a true commitment to understanding the land business. By working with an ALC, clients can be sure they are working alongside a top-tier Land Specialist that has completed a rigorous education program, has a proven track record of transactional performance, and a commitment to ethics, integrity, and professional growth. ALCs are recognized as the most respected and most successful land experts in the real estate business. All Whitetail Properties Land Specialists have either achieved or are currently working toward their ALC Designation.

Requirements of an Accredited Land Consultant:

  • Successful completion of 104 hours of LANDU course work
  • $10 million in sales OR 25 separate land transactions
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Proof of an active real estate license
  • Submission of a professional resume
  • Continued active membership in the REALTORS® Land Institute
  • Persistent adherence to Whitetail Properties’ core values and the ALC Code of Conduct
Our Accreditations

WPCLS (Whitetail Properties Certified Land Specialist)

WPCLS is the highest certification a Land Specialist can achieve. It is more than an accreditation, WPCLS is truly an identity that represents a master of one’s craft and exemplifies unrivaled character, knowledge and experience. WPCLS was created by our founding partners in order to hold ourselves to a higher standard than our competitors in the real estate business. WPCLS is a certification that once achieved, ranks a Land Specialist among the best in the world. Working with a certified WPCLS means you are doing business with one of the most honorable, qualified, dedicated Land Specialists possible. You can be confident that whether you’re in the market to buy land or you have property to sell, no one is more qualified than a WPCLS to help you have the best experience and achieve your goals. WPCLS was created to show our agents’ commitment to go above and beyond and be the most knowledgeable, trustworthy and qualified Land Specialists possible. A Whitetail Properties Land Specialist can only be eligible to achieve the WPCLS when they have completed extensive training, outside certifications, sales goals and tenure as a Land Specialist. All Whitetail Properties Land Specialists have either achieved or are currently working toward their WPCLS certification.

Requirements and certifications of a Whitetail Properties Certified Land Specialist:

  • QDMA Deer Steward I
  • QDMA Deer Steward II
  • ALC
  • 104 hours of classroom work
  • 25 land transactions
  • $10 million in sales
  • Minimum of three years experience as a Whitetail Properties Land Specialist
  • Receipt of an 80% or higher positive customer satisfaction rating each year
  • Attendance at all WPCLS educational events
  • Persistent adherence to Whitetail Properties’ core values
Our Accreditations

FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification

It is the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) mission to reach the next level of safety, efficiency and environmental responsibility to be accountable to the American public. Whitetail Properties shares the FAA’s beliefs and passion for operating at the highest degree of skill and qualification when operating drones/remote aircrafts. It is our standard to adhere to all laws and regulations, which includes the requirement for a Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification to operate a drone for business purposes. All Whitetail Properties Land Specialists have either achieved or are currently working toward their remote pilot certification.