5 Best Uses for the John Deere Gator

5 Best Uses for the John Deere Gator

Many American landowners appreciate John Deere Equipment. Whether for work or for recreation, they sure are fun to play with. That’s why we decided to show you our favorite ways to use a John Deere customer favorite – the Gator.

1. Ridin’ Dirty

If you’re still a kid at heart, or maybe you have a kid of your own now, chances are you like to play outside and get a little dirty. If so, a mid/full-size crossover Gator is all you need to get your muddin’ fix. Sure, mudding is always a good time in a jacked-up truck, but it’s also a blast on small winding trails in the middle of nowhere in a more agile utility vehicle. You can even get Gators with enclosed cabs, in case your lady wants to ride along and prefers not get covered in mud. Ranging from 16 horsepower up to 54 (in a full-size crossover), there are plenty of price brackets and options to choose from in a mid/full-size Gator.


2. Bring in Big Game

Once you’ve tagged out, you have to get that animal home somehow. But, of course, most hunting terrain doesn’t allow for you to simply pull up the truck and toss in an animal. But if you’re driving a versatile Gator, you can ride right into tight places and load an animal up with ease. Did we mention you can special request these vehicles in camo?

3. Lug & Drag Almost Anything

Hay, gravel, mulch, cinder blocks, even trees...pick your poison. A John Deere Gator can haul up to 1,200 pounds. We recommend the 860(+) model for owners needing to lug heavier loads on a regular basis, and refuse to take “no” for an answer from their utility vehicle. It’ll race at 60 mph, has a large bed (400 pound cargo box), plenty of power (62), and four wheel drive. And now you can get power steering standard in the model M and as an option in the model i. We dare you to find something this bad boy won’t haul.

4. Head to the River With Your Fishing Gear

You don’t need the most heavy duty Gator to have a good time getting to and fro your favorite fishing hole. It can be tricky to get a day-to-day vehicle out to your secret spot on a river in the middle of an expansive piece of land. Most of those hideaways aren’t exactly accessible. But a Gator can weave around pesky trees in the darkness of early morning (thank you, LED driving lights), trek up and down hills and still manage to hold your poles and tackle (and maybe your dog or a buddy). It’s a lot more fun than hiking through the woods with all that gear in the dark...or even in the sunlight for that matter.

5. Add an Attachment and PLOW

Add another attachment and do just about anything you want. Gators are super versatile, with an overwhelming number of attachment capabilities – everything from cell phone holders to winches and racks. You have the ability to transform it into whatever you need it to be, whether that’s a snow plow, a mini-tow-truck or a gigantic flashlight. That dog’ll hunt.

Now that we’ve given you five reasons why you probably can’t resist a John Deere Gator, we have a cherry to add on top. By being a Whitetail Properties client, you can get discounts on John Deere equipment. But not just on Gators, on everything from lawn equipment to tractors. And we all know, nothing runs like a Deere. Check out the GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards program for more details.