Starting Small to Eventually Own the Property of Your Dreams

Starting Small to Eventually Own the Property of Your Dreams

It was back in the spring of 2016 when a potential buyer, we'll call Bill, contacted me about a 20 acre tract of land that was a little out of his price range though he could purchase it if he had a partner or two. Unfortunately, while Bill and I were working together to come up with a plan, another buyer made an offer the seller couldn’t refuse.

I was a bit sad that Bill missed out on the place as we had developed a nice relationship in the previous weeks. At that point I was committed to doing all I could to come up with a solution to help Bill accomplish his goals of land ownership. You see, from the moment I first spoke to Bill I could tell he had a true love for the land and all that it could provide. He became much more than a client through our many conversations about various investment opportunities and habitat management. You might say that his enthusiasm was contagious and reminded me of a time many years ago when I bought my first farm.

Staying With It

Both Bill and I were scouring the internet on a daily basis to find something that might fit into his budget without requiring partners. He also wanted a place with potential as a big buck hot spot. Early one morning Bill called about and asked about another brokers property in Harrison County, Indiana, that had been on the market for some time and was currently marked “pending.” He asked me to investigate and I willingly obliged. After some digging and a little research, I was able to ascertain that while the tract was “under contract,” it had little hope of closing due to issues with financing. I asked the listing broker if they wouldn't mind if I looked at it and they agreed. Early the next morning I spent about three hours looking at what some might describe as a “leftover” piece of land. It had huge potential with its large volume of oak trees, clearings for food plots, multiple rubs and scrapes, heavily traveled trails and even the presence of turkeys.

Brandon Mott's 8.15 acre property has the potential to produce some great whitetail bucks.
Bill's 8.15 acre property has the potential to produce some great whitetail bucks.

For a small property it had significant recreational and investment value, but needed a little tender love and care. That afternoon I told Bill it'd be worth his time to travel down and take a look. A few days later we spent a couple of hours on the property and I think he fell in love with not just the physical features but the potential as an investment, the possibilities of big bucks on a small place and the idea of owning and creating his own piece of land into a provider of sustenance.

We wrote a backup offer, waiting for the current one to expire, and in a relatively short time it was accepted. However, this accepted offer also meant that Bill had to get title insurance, for his own protection, which revealed a cloud on the title that required ongoing negotiations and a new survey that wound up taking months to complete. Most buyers would have likely given up and moved on. Not Bill. He knew the value of what he was buying and wasn't about to let that dream go. When it was all said and done, he was able to make an exceptional buy with significant investment possibilities going forward.

The Dream Comes True

When Bill first contacted me we discussed starting small and he had already spent time viewing Whitetail Properties videos on how to do it and I helped him navigate the process. Since closing on the property, Bill has planted food plots, hung tree stands and installed trail cameras. He’s also introduced himself to all the surrounding neighbors and by doing has developed relationships that now allow him to hunt their properties.

Bill and I spoke several times during the early bow season. He shared trail cam photos from multiple 130s and 140s and was very excited about the potential. While scouting one day in early November he discovered a buck bedding area and accidentally bumped a dandy. At first he was a little dejected but shortly after he realized the intrusion was relatively minor. When the wind was right a couple days later, he set up on a trail leading back to the bedding area and made a great shot on a very nice buck when the opportunity presented itself.

The buck that Brandon recently harvested on his property.
The buck that Bill recently harvested on his property in Harrison Country, Indiana.

This might sound like the end of the story, but let me assure you, Bill is only getting started. He has plans to build a small cabin this spring. He is also saving all his trail cam photos and various history of the property so when we put it back on the market, potential buyers will be able to see all of the value and the full potential of this “little piece of heaven.”

Would you have ever guessed all of this happened on an 8.15-acre tract of land? I hope potential land owners read Bill's story and find inspiration. When starting big just isn't in the cards, the priority then simply becomes to “start.” I’m so proud we were able to help Bill do just that.

About Dan Bates:

Dan grew up on a small farm where he learned the value of discipline and hard work. His parents got him started in archery at the ripe young age of four, and from that moment on he developed a passion for hunting, fishing, trapping and experiencing all of God’s creation. With Whitetail Properties, he's been able to combine his passion and profession as a Land Specialist. Dan goes to work everyday to help people find the property of their dreams.