Turning a Dream Property Into a Reality

Turning a Dream Property Into a Reality

Bill Daily spends his working life walking in the woods. Well, perhaps it’s not that simple, but it’s not that far off either. As a land specialist for Whitetail Properties, Bill’s job is to inspect, present and sell property. And let’s just say he’s well-rounded in each aspect.

“I tell my friends that I spend all day wandering through the woods,” Bill said. “It’s a dream job.”

Bill is also in the business of making dreams come true for others who yearn to buy a piece of hunting or recreational land to call their own. That was exactly the case for Derrick Lacey and his family who had been scouring southern Indiana for that perfect piece of land. Bill was more than happy to offer the Lacey family his expertise.

“They were looking for a small getaway,” Bill said. “The six-acre tract we helped them find fits their every need. And they didn’t wait long to start making some really great improvements.”

Bill stopped by a week or so after the sale was finalized to say hello, and the Laceys had already transformed a trailer into a livable space. It was connected to water and electricity, which ran in from the main road. They’d also created a trail system throughout the property and even put signs, naming each one.

The Laceys have found the area to be very game rich. On Indiana’s opening day of turkey season, Derrick’s son Derrick Jr. went half a mile down the road to the Hoosier National Forest and killed a fine gobbler.

“They’d only had the property three months at that point,” Bill said. “Goes to show that the wildlife numbers in southern Indiana are really strong.”

Looking for a little paradise in southern Indiana? Give Bill a call at (812) 568-8698. If nothing else, he might be able to point you toward some promising public hunting ground.