Hunter Island In Northeast Arkansas


Hunters Island is a completely blank canvas of bottomland hardwoods with extreme potential of producing world-class deer! From the moment you step foot on the island, you can quickly realize you are walking an untamed, pristine, and totally secluded wildlife sanctuary. This big buck sanctuary has no signs at all of anyone hunting, and in fact, a federal game warden has his personal cabin and hunting area near this island, so there is no telling what kind of bucks this place is growing! The island lies just south of the infamous President's Island in Tennessee that has a long history of producing monster bucks and no reason to believe that this island doesn't do the same thing. With a scenic boat ride being the only true access to the island, the property has unique, undisturbed feel that cannot be found on many other properties. Deer trails and buck rubs covered the property.

Fellow Whitetail Properties Land Specialist David Pritchard quoted this on a recent property tour “I have a masters degree in bottomland hardwood ecosystems and have helped manage many islands in the river, but I don't know that I have ever seen one with this much potential for growing, holding and killing world-class bucks!  It is truly a big buck sanctuary in every way, and the rich soils in this area are known for producing monster bucks, lots of turkeys and plenty of ducks. This place will be an absolute freak show in my opinion! I really can't believe something this exceptional and this close to Memphis can be bought at such a reasonable price!"

There is a large field located in the northern portion of the island that would be great to turn into a large food plot. Several openings in the timber provide great opportunities for micro-plots to draw in those bottomland bucks into range. When the river rises, these fall deer food plots will turn into major waterfowl attractants. Local hunters say the duck hunting is phenomenal when the river backs into the islands many sloughs and willow breaks. When the water rises, the entire island turns into a timber hunting paradise. Hunter Island is a special place that you cannot simply find anywhere else on the market. It is a rarity to own an island at an affordable price, and this is it. Please call me today for a private tour of Hunters Island.


Property Details

  • Exceptional deer, ducks, turkey, hog, dove, small game and fishing
  • 10 minute scenic boat ride from Mckeller Lake and Marina
  • Sandy beach, sloughs, hardwood timber and large tillable field
  • Endless recreational and investment opportunities
  • Just minutes from fine dining and entertainment in the historic City of Memphis, Tennessee
  • Over 1000 acres of mature bottomland hardwood timber
  • 1 hour and 30min southeast of Jonesboro, 2 hours east of Little Rock, 3 hours 45min south of St. Louis, Mo

Rural Route, WTP Lot 001
West Memphis, Arkansas 72301