Blue Lake Bottoms Near Abbeville In Central GA


This beautiful recreational and timber investment property is located along the Ocmulgee River in South Central Georgia.  It boasts over two miles of river frontage on the main channel and multiple oxbow lakes and freshwater boils.  The historic oxbow lakes include “Cow Face” which is the northernmost lake, “Daniels Old River” which is shaped like a ‘J’ in the northern portion of the property, “Blue Lakes” is contained in the center of the tract, and “Muddy Blue” is located near the boat ramp towards the southern end of the property.  These tranquil lakes are known for their excellent fishing. There is a river shack located on Daniels Old River, which is a great spot for camping. Blue Lakes is renowned for its rare and gorgeous blue-tinted water, hence the name. This tract has been managed as a timber investment with 400 acres of planted pines and the balance of the property in large natural hardwoods and hardwood regeneration. The staggered pine ages will offer a steady return on investment for decades to come. There are 250 acres of 3-year-old loblolly pines, 100 acres of 11-year-old loblolly pines, and 50 acres of 8-year-old loblolly pines. The 11-year-old pines will be ready to thin in the near future. The diversity of the timber throughout this property is a nice compliment to its rare recreational value. To call this property a “Sports Enthusiasts Paradise” would be a massive understatement. Year-round hunting and fishing will fill the need of any outdoor enthusiast. There are countless duck holes on the tract, which compliment the river and oxbow lakes to make it an amazing waterfowl property. There are ample numbers of whitetail deer, turkeys, wild hogs, and small game. Wilcox County is known as a trophy producing county for whitetail deer. With good genetics throughout the county, this property possesses the remaining necessities for producing trophy whitetails: bedding areas, food, and water. The large hardwood timber sloughs are bordered by the thicker planted pines, which provide bedding and cover near concentrated acorn browse areas. Perhaps the most intriguing part of the whole property is Hundred Acre Isle. The island consists of 100 +/- acres completely surrounded by the Ocmulgee River. It serves as an uninhabited and very rarely visited wildlife sanctuary. Since the island can only be accessed by boat, human pressure is virtually eliminated, allowing the wild game to roam freely and comfortably. Using the river as a barrier for deer or turkey hunting on the island can be a huge advantage and is an exotic opportunity. Directly across from Hundred Acre Isle, on the main property, is the concrete boat ramp on the Ocmulgee. The ramp can be utilized at multiple stages of the river and is the perfect spot to slip across to the island for deer, turkey, or waterfowl hunting. It is obvious that this property has multiple timber stands, numerous oxbow lakes, established food plots, and miles of river frontage, but it would be meaningless without good access. Therefore, one of the most crucial assets of this entire tract is the internal trail system. There are large culvert pipes with strong concrete headwalls along with the trail network. This allows the road to be used even during times of light to moderate flooding in the low-lying areas and reduces the possibility of the roads washing out. These trails also provide multiple access points to the food plots, which offers flexibility for entering hunting areas based on wind direction. Many facets of this property could be considered rare or even once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to own. Don’t miss out on this investment and recreational property!!

Property Details

  • Property has multiple oxbow lakes which provide waterfowl hunting and excellent fishing
  • Concrete boat ramp towards the southern end of the property provides access to the Ocmulgee River and Hundred Acre Isle
  • Trophy whitetail deer, wild turkey, waterfowl, and hog hunting combine with limitless fishing to make this property a sports enthusiast’s dream
  • Staggered planted pine ages will assist in cash flowing the property in the coming decades
  • Large hardwood mast trees provide ample food for deer and are skirted by the thicker planted pine stands which provide cover near the main food source
  • The river shack located along Daniels Old River is an excellent location for camping and spending time with friends and family
  • Managed internal trail network gives access to timber stands, lakes, food plots, and boat ramp and features large culvert pipes with headwalls
  • 30’ x 40’ equipment shelter near the entrance of the property is a great place to store ATVs, food plot equipment, boats, and other hunting and fishing necessities
  • The tract features owned and gated access from Poor Robin Road
  • Less than one mile from Abbeville
  • 150 +/- miles from Atlanta
  • 150 +/- miles from Lake City, FL
  • 160 +/- miles from Jacksonville, FL

Poor Robin Road, Lot#WP01
Abbeville, Georgia 31001