Fantastic Hunting Located At The Confluence Of The Mississippi And Ohio River’s


PRICE REDUCED!! Imagine owning a whole Island that has sandy beaches, over 4 miles of shoreline, good marketable timber and best of all, is filled with deer, turkey, and other small game! Located in the Mississippi River just outside of Cairo, IL., this Island sits right at the confluence of the Mississippi & Ohio Rivers. The property consists of 99% timber that has long been established in Timber Management Programs. For many decades the T.M.P. has promoted a healthy wildlife population that in turn creates a target rich hunting environment. It is very common for deer to move on and off the island during the course of the year. Deer will swim from both Illinois and Missouri onto the island. This can become more common during November as bucks are in search of does and could also be an opportunity to see new bucks.

There is a good stand of marketable timber currently available on the property. This timber primarily consists of Black Willow, Cottonwood, and Overcup oak, Green Ash, Hackberry, Mixed Hardwoods, Sweet Pecan and Sycamore. Timber assessment and volumes are available.

As expected for the Islands location, the areas waterfowl hunting is excellent. With over 4 miles of shoreline, there are several areas that are structured well for waterfowl setups.  The northeast side of the Island has a shute that divides off a small portion that forms another small island. There are several dikes on this area that slow the water down and provide structure creating ideal setups.

If you’re looking for privacy, security, good marketable timber, good deer and turkey hunting, give us a call today and schedule your private tour! 

Property Details

  • A 635+/- acre wooded Island
  • Located at the confluence of the Mississippi & Ohio River’s
  • Loaded with deer and turkey
  • Excellent waterfowl hunting
  • Over 4 miles of shoreline
  • Complete privacy with no road frontage and well-defined boundaries
  • The island has been in a Timber Management Program
  • Good marketable soft wood and saw timber
  • Good trail system
  • The island’s wildlife has minimal pressure from natural predators
  • In the past, the Island has been accessed by vehicle when the Cairo gauge is below 12’
  • Many dikes have been built around the island to slow the natural flow of sediment and river current
  • Several areas could be cleared for smaller food plots
  • 2 ½ hours from Saint Louis, MO. – 2 ½ hours from Nashville, TN. – 30 minutes to Paducah, KY

Cairo, Illinois 62914