Farm Close To Ohio River Full Of Fertile Soil And Big Buck Genetics


Here’s a stellar hunting tract with a proven big buck history! This farm has a great mix of habitat and hunter friendly topography. There are several established food plots and standing grain plots, timbered ridges with a mix of pines, softwoods and mast producing hardwoods, plenty of thick bedding/sanctuary cover, ample sources of water via a pond, creek and feeder streams and a great trail system. The farm is located in an area that has a reputation for big bucks and a good population of wild turkeys. Reviewing the trail camera photos shows a consistent year-to-year supply of mature bucks with great antler genetics. The farm is approximately ½ mile from the Ohio River. Properties located in this close proximity of the river have fertile soils for growing great crops and big antlers. The farm’s layout blends the different habitat types perfectly with the terrain features. The western end of the farm is more gently rolling with the food plots, open ground and brushy successional growth. Moving east into the timber the topography gets slightly steeper with thick brushy hollows, creeks and feeder streams. These ridges have a good supply of mast producing hardwoods, main travel corridors and numerous funnels and pinch points. The road frontage runs along the west and southern boundaries and provides numerous entry points for accessing favored stand locations. The main entrance and parking area is located on the south west corner, providing minimal disturbance to the farm. If you’re looking for a stellar hunting tract in an area known for big bucks, give us a call today and schedule your private tour! 

Property Details

  • Established food plots
  • Hunter friendly topography
  • Road frontage offers multiple entrance points on west and south sides
  • Good trail system
  • A great mix of timber with hardwood, softwood and pine species
  • Plenty of thick bedding/sanctuary cover
  • Good age structure of whitetail bucks
  • Great antler genetics
  • A pond, creek and feeder streams provide ample water supply for wildlife
  • Several open areas for even more food plot acreage
  • The farm is only ½ mile from the Ohio River
  • Illinois is a two buck state

Olmsted Dam Road
Olmsted, Illinois 62970