Highly Managed Hunting And Income Producing Farm In Southeast IA



Amazing! That’s the best way to describe this property, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to sell a farm of this caliber! Words can’t describe how perfectly this property is set up for growing, holding, and harvesting big whitetails. I’m not sure that I’ve been on a farm that has so many slam dunk archery stand sites and so many secluded food plot locations. You can tell it’s an amazing farm from looking at the aerial photo, but once you step foot on it, it will blow you away. The combination of old timbered fencerows, fingers, overgrown fields, cedar thickets, food plots, and the winding creek bottom makes this one of the easiest farms I’ve ever seen for targeting and killing specific bucks with minimal intrusion. The late-season hunting will be phenomenal on this farm also! The owner has strategically placed 5 Redneck tower blinds overlooking tillable fields and food plots. If you leave the right amount of food in the right places, you will own the deer. There is so much high-quality south-facing internal bedding that with the right food, the deer will likely stay from December through February, protecting them from neighbors and allowing you to let them grow to maturity. This is a big deal from a management standpoint! This property has approximately 145 acres of CRP, 120 acres of tillable, 30 acres of hay, and 60 acres of expired CRP fields that could likely be farmed in the future. The CRP is currently producing $14,367, but these are old contracts and if they can be renewed next year, the rates should be much higher. The 150 acres of tillable and hay should produce in the range of $20,000/year of income moving forward. Total annual income moving forward should be at least $40,000 per year, in my opinion. The owner has done a great job of creating a nice internal road system for accessing the fields and food plots. Great access from the north and the south with food plot locations for all wind directions. There are also several potential building sites on the north and south sides that would have minimal impact on hunting the property. I challenge you to find a property this size, of this quality, and for this price! I don’t think there is a better one out there. Call me today with questions or to schedule a showing. 

Property Details

  • Located 5 minutes southeast of Centerville, very convenient to HWY 2 and HWY 5
  • 144.9 acres of CRP producing $14,367/year through 2020
  • Approximately 120 acres of crop, 30 acres hay, and 60 acres of expired CRP that should be farmable in the future
  • The CSR 2 of the acres currently being farmed is in the mid 40’s, and the CSR2 of all open acres is approximately 40
  • Unbelievable layout from a hunting and access standpoint - this is definitely one of the best farms I’ve ever seen
  • There are other large managed farms to the south and southeast so you should benefit from the management of others in this neighborhood
  • Good internal road system provides access to all areas of the property
  • Several potential building sites on the north and south sides with utilities available
  • 1 pond and a long winding creek provide ample water sources for deer and other wildlife
  • The owner has just recently put out some cellular trail cameras so we should have pictures of the bucks currently on the arm in the next 2-3 weeks
  • Annual taxes are approximately $6750/year currently

Dewey Road, Lot #WP001
Centerville, Iowa 52544