Deer And Turkey Hunting Property With Income


The best of both worlds right here!! Don’t let the aerials photos fool you, this property is one of my favorite types, as wildlife and especially whitetails can be drawn to it from surrounding farms. Hunters often overlook these high percentage income producing acre tracts and it can be a mistake. The outdoor-minded investor does not always have to sacrifice hunting potential for return on investment. When you look at the overview of this property, you will notice the possibility of recruitment from surrounding and more habitat dominated adjacent parcels. The area terrain and topography enhance this farms attraction to the game, and with simple improvements, it can be turned into wildlife and yes, trophy whitetail magnet. I like to call properties like this memory factories, for all the outdoor recreational possibilities they offer, the Turkey River multiplies these possibilities and all while being an excellent investment.   

Property Details

  • Located in the scenic Turkey River Valley
  • Over 24,000 in annual CRP income thru 2026( CRP contracts available}
  • Great access from multiple locations
  • Just north of West Union
  • Property is in an excellent area for deer and turkey hunting
  • Decent wild pheasant population in the area
  • Turkey River frontage
  • Trophy whitetail potential in this area
  • Good seasonal waterfowl populations
  • Easement access to NW corner off hard surfaced Juniper Ave
  • DNR has funded CRP seeding and maintenance requirements for length of contract in trade for public access, this could possibly be terminated, inquire for details
  • CRP contracts will transfer to next owner
  • Potential to attract whitetails and other game from surrounding area
  • Turkey river is popular for fishing, kayaking, canoeing and other recreational activities
  • Some landscape pictures taken on property may also show neighboring properties

Juniper, Lot#WP001
West Union, Iowa 52175