Great Deer Habitat In South Central KS



Water, food, and great habitat, when you have a combination of all three it will almost always translate into a recipe for success in killing great deer in the state of Kansas. If you or a group of family members or friends have ever dreamed of owning one of the best Whitetail Properties in the entire Midwest then please check this out. Offered for sale is a once in a lifetime opportunity in Barber County for great deer hunting around Medicine Lodge in Unit 16. Made up of three separate parcels, these properties have a tremendous history for producing big deer. All 3 of these properties are GRADE A when it comes to the habitat and the current owner has put in a lot of time and effort over the last decade to make this a turn-key hunting opportunity. The properties all encompass either a stretch of the famed Medicine River or Elm Creek. These two running water sources have been a stronghold for monster Whitetails in this region since deer starting inhabiting these counties. To pair that with the outstanding timber blocks and secluded fields makes for simply the best of the best. Blinds, stands, and feeders are strategically placed throughout the timber and alongside large and small tillable plots. Great access points around each property allow for multiple undisturbed sanctuaries to make the deer feel comfortable and to let them grow. While these properties may not be contiguous it provides the owner a chance to hunt different deer rather than the same deer running up and down the farm. This is a tremendous opportunity for the serious hunter and not one to let slip by.

North 520 Acres

Just on the northeast side of Medicine Lodge, this parcel has everything you need. Elm Creek cuts through the middle of the property with thick timber on both sides. Two large tillable fields along with a few smaller fields provide food throughout the season for deer and turkeys. The grass and timber are both very thick and the current owner has most of the timber set aside for a sanctuary with very minimal traffic. There are multiple ponds on the property that offer good fishing for a little change of pace. Multiple blinds, feeders, and stands have been set up throughout the property with access from all sides of the farm. Also included with this piece is a nice home that has room for your family and a few friends. The home features 5 bedrooms and 3 and a half baths, a nice big kitchen, dining room, as well as a living and family room. An attached two car garage, as well as a nice big detached garage, are large enough for multiple vehicles and UTV’s. If you have any equipment such as tractors or a feed buggy, there is also a large metal building located within the property as well. This is a tremendous piece with picturesque views all around and minimal to no hunting from the surrounding neighbors.


Central 896 Acres

Sitting just on the southwest side of Medicine Lodge, these 896 acres of contiguous land provides ample opportunities with more great access from around the parcel. Normally with a large piece of ground, there are areas with wasted space when it comes to hunting. This isn’t the case on this farm. The Medicine Lodge River flows through the middle of the property and creates an incredibly thick habitat from north to south. From the timber to the grassy bedding areas, this property has been used for strictly deer hunting with zero grazing. The current owner has put in a few food plots with a new 25-30 acre plot centrally located on the farm that was just broke out last year. The deer tend to use the river as a travel corridor and move up and down throughout the farm year-round. Access on to the farm comes off of two blacktop highways on the north and west sides of the property as well as a county road on from the east. As with the other parcels, multiple blinds, stands, and feeders have been placed around the property for turn-key hunting.

South 350 Acres

While this may be the smallest parcel of the three, this property packs a big punch. Like the 896 acres to the north, the Medicine Lodge River also cuts through the middle of this property. While the timber may not be as thick on this one, there is plenty to keep the deer hidden away. The north side of the farm has a small plot of tillable ground that would be great for rifle hunting. There is also a food plot that was implemented on the east side of the river, centrally located the deer seem to flock to as well. The south side of the farm is very secluded and with minimal foot traffic as well.

111 N Robert DR, Lot #WP001
Medicine Lodge, Kansas 67104