Trophy Hunting On The Smoky Hill River In Kansas


The amazing Smoky Hill River stretches 575 miles across the Great Plains of Colorado and Kansas creating some of the most desirable hunting habitats in the nation along its way. As the river winds its way through the Smoky Hill region it widens with mature timber, encompasses rich bottomland soils within its valley, and is adjoined with breathtaking cedar lined canyons and bluffs within its native grasslands on its Southern edge. These characteristics can be very beneficial to farmers and ranchers in the area, but more than anything it creates some of the highest quality wildlife habitats you’ll find anywhere in the Midwest. While the river bottom itself provides ample food sources, a year-round water source, and a secure natural travel corridor, the rugged and secluded canyons and grassland to the South help promote and support a very strong population of whitetail deer, a healthy and balanced age structure, and superior trophy genetics. This perfect combination of landscape and resources is the primary reason Boone & Crockett quality whitetails are harvested from this area year after year. In addition, these same features result in some of the best Rio Grande turkey hunting in the State as well. Hundreds of turkeys fly down from their roosts along the river each morning to feed in the crop fields throughout the day. The owners of this fine property share memories of snagging channel cat from the river in their earlier days, and there’s no doubt the same memories can be made today with a very prosperous flow of water currently pushing its way down the river bed.  This 240-acre Smoky Hill River property provides a perfect example of why Kansas is the #1 destination for growing trophy whitetail deer. This property is highlighted by over 100 acres of river bottom, mature timber, brush, tall native grass, and wooded canyons that are a guarantee to hold several deer year-round. The river curves back through the center of the property as it moves East and is perfectly complimented on both sides with fertile bottom silt loam soils. The nearly 138 acres of tillable land is commonly planted to a variety of crops each year including milo, wheat, soybeans, and corn. These tillable acres provide good income return from the property and top-notch food sources for wildlife throughout the entire year. In the very center of the property is a 4-5 acre grassy opening within the timber that is a great transition area for deer moving from bedding to the crop fields in the evenings. This area has great potential for planting a hidden food plot or supplemental feeding deer to increase the amount of daylight movement with potential for excellent treestand setups all around the plot to hunt different wind directions. For the passionate deer hunter, this property has everything you could ever ask for with its excellent cover along the Smoky Hill River, fertile cropland providing steady income and food sources for the wildlife, plentiful water within the river, and incredible views – the list goes on and on and on. This property is a must see and is a safe bet to produce the giant whitetail bucks this area of Kansas is known for! Contact the land specialist today to schedule your own tour of this incredible Smoky Hill River property.

Property Details

  • Ideally located only 3 miles southwest of Wilson and less than 4 miles south of Interstate 70. Property to be shown BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
  • 45 minutes from Hays Municipal Airport
  • Nearly a full mile of the Smoky Hill River meanders through the property creating over 100 acres of incredible hunting habitat
  • The Smoky Hill River in this area is well known for Boone and Crockett whitetail genetics with potential of growing whitetail bucks in excess of 200 inches
  • Very dense tree cover along the Smoky Hill River. On the far West end the tree cover extends out over 400 yards from the river bottom
  • The south side of the river features steep timbered canyons with springs running through the bottoms. This portion of the property is a huge bedding area.
  • Very high population of whitetail deer in this area. I recently counted over 100 deer on the crop fields along the Smoky Hill River when traveling through this area just before dark
  • 137.58 acres of very good bottom cropland provides a wide variety of beneficial food sources for the wildlife and generates income from the property. Soybeans, milo, and wheat were all planted on the property in 2018
  • An additional 3-4 acres of food plots could be planted in a large opening within the timber North of the river. This spot has excellent trees for stands on all sides of the plot area
  • This property is loaded with Rio Grande turkeys! 50+ turkeys feeding on the crop fields in recent weeks. Large roosting trees along the river
  • The Smoky Hill River gets over 125 feet wide as it flows through this property. Outstanding catfishing opportunities in the river
  • Electricity is available along the East boundary
  • The views from the hilltops and bluffs overlooking the river on the Southern edge will take your breath away
  • Endless treestand locations for archery deer hunting
  • The productive crop acres help to hold deer on the land year-round, especially during late rifle season
  • The rugged, timbered draws in the southern portion of the property provide exceptional sanctuaries for mature whitetail bucks to hideout
  • The entire area surrounding this property has exceptional cover which promotes excellent age structure for the deer herd and a higher frequency of mature buck sightings
  • Good access on the North and East end of the property but very little road frontage overall

Fairfield Road, Lot#WP001
Wilson, Kansas 67490