Improved Deer Habitat on “Ready-To-Hunt” Tract In Western KY


Most of the hard work is already done on this farm and it’s ready for you! The property has recently undergone a habitat improvement plan that included approximately 7+/- acres of food plots, bedding/sanctuary improvements, a select timber cut, trails for equipment and accessing stand locations, a new entry gate, a driveway and building site. That means this hunting tract has everything you need to grow, hold, and harvest mature bucks year after year. Because the farm has so much agriculture in the surrounding area, it was already a major bedding area and travel corridor for the local deer. With the addition of the food plots and bedding/sanctuary area improvements, the farm’s holding capacity and hunt-ability has now exploded and will only get better from here out. There are larger “destination” food plots and smaller “staging” plots designed for ambushing deer on their way to feed in the neighboring row crops. The timber stand improvements consisted of a select cut that removed undesirable tree species and left all White Oaks and other desirable mast producing species. The trail system was designed to allow access of UTV’s or equipment to food plots while not disturbing the bedding areas. Other access trails are designed to get the hunter in and out of stand sites without disturbing wildlife. The farm also has an ample supply of water for wildlife via a large creek, several feeder streams and multiple small ponds. A building site has been cleared and established with a new driveway and gated entrance to the farm. Water and electric are available at the road. If you’re looking for hunting tract with everything a big buck needs, give us a call and schedule your private tour!

Property Details

  • Superb hunting tract with established building site
  • A habitat plan has just been implemented with numerous improvements made to the farm
  • 8 new food plots totaling approximately 7+/- acres
  • Several areas of excellent bedding/sanctuary cover
  • An established trail system for UTV’s and food plot equipment
  • Several other trails for accessing stand sites
  • A select timber cut was performed to enhance bedding/sanctuary areas and remove undesirable tree species
  • All white oaks and other desirable mast producing trees were left standing
  • A great building site has been cleared
  • A new driveway has been put in and a new gate installed
  • Water and electric are available at the road
  • Minimal road frontage
  • The farm is a major travel corridor and bedding area for the local deer
  • 45 minutes from Paducah – 2 ½ hours from Nashville, TN. – 3 ½ hours from St. Louis, MO
  • Agent/Owner interest

Mexico Road
Marion, Kentucky 42064