Sneaky Good Hunting Spot Or Great Building Spot Near Menahga


Located just west of Menahga on the Becker and Wadena County line this small tract of land offers up a ton of value at this price! The area is known for great deer densities, big deer, turkey, grouse, and bear! There is no doubt in my mind you will have good luck hunting any one of these critters. This property would make a perfect building site while giving plenty of room to hunt out your back door. Or maybe you just want to pull a camper in and use it strictly for hunting. Either option is just fine. There is room to add a food plot. You can access the property on a couple of different wind directions. If you are rifle hunter you and two people could cover the middle of the property fairly easy. The deer love to cross back and forth and if you are patient you just might get a crack at a true wall hanger. Bowhunting is definitely an option as well in a couple of different spots especially if you add food. So whether you are looking to build, hunt or both this property is one you need to consider especially at this price.

Property Details

  • Sneaky good hunting property
  • Great building spot with room to roam and hunt
  • Rock star price
  • Excellent low ground bedding cover
  • Access with multiple wind directions
  • Frontage on 87
  • Tamarac, cattails, poplar, pine, and oak
  • Spot for a food plot
  • Stands

State Highway 87
Menahga, Minnesota 56464