Diverse Habitat With Excellent Hunting In East Central MN


Here is a great property that offers excellent hunting for trophy deer and bear. The property is located a few miles north of Highway 95 between Cambridge and North Branch. The parcel has excellent habitat diversity with plenty of thick cover and a couple of small islands with mature timber. There was plenty of deer sign on the property with trails crisscrossing throughout the islands, I also found a few rubs. There are several large agricultural fields within a mile of the parcel, and with all its thick bedding cover this parcel is sure to hold high numbers of all kinds of wildlife. There is also quality hunting for turkey and grouse. The property is about 30 minutes from the metro and tucked away on a gravel road for privacy. A great property to enjoy summer weekends, as well as enjoying hunting the parcel all fall.

Property Details

  • Excellent habitat diversity
  • Located just inside rifle zone
  • Wildlife sanctuary
  • 2 small timbered islands
  • Great hunting for deer and bear
  • Located north of 95 between Cambridge and North Branch
  • Just 30 minutes from the metro

Andee Ave, Lot#WP001
Harris, Minnesota 55032