Great Hunting And Rec Tract With Diverse Habitat In Central MN



Wow, this is one of those properties that I knew it would be good just from looking at the aerial but then with getting my boots on the ground, it just kept getting better and better!  Make sure to click on the Trailcam tab to see some updated pic! The property is located NW of Osakis or E/NE of Alexandria and one truly has to walk the property to fully appreciate what the combination of habitat components provide and how well they go together.  Tall/thick spruce plantings intermingled between mature timber and oak trees.  A “finger” spruce planting leading to the N to an island woods rimmed with more spruce plantings, tall grass/brushy, a couple ponds, mixed in low/thick slough areas and some isolated open areas that would be phenomenal smaller food plots.  The amount of bedding and travel corridors on the property are literally all over the place.  The property is also located in an area with not only high deer numbers but where some great bucks are taken and falls within permit area 213 which for 2019, is an intensive harvest area.  Given all of this, it is of no surprise again to see the amount of deer sign I did on the property nor the amount of deer that I jumped while walking the property and I can’t count how many potential stand sites that are just “no brainers”.  Point being, the property can hunt a good amount of people if needed.  Now, take all of this and put it in the middle of an overall area that is hundreds and hundreds of acres of the same type of habitat rimmed with ag. Ground and oh yes…put the property not only at the end of a dead-end road but a quarter mile down a very nice access road which can be driven by vehicle.   It should also be known that one will be able to shoot not only deer on the property but there are a great number of pheasants around as well as turkeys.  This is truly one of those properties that at least for the area, just doesn’t come on the market all too often and again, you just have to see it to take it all in so give me a call and I’d love to show it to you!  Make sure to click on the “Interactive Map” to see the general layout, trails and some photo points.

Property Details

  • Perfect mixture of diverse habitat
  • Acres of mature Spruce plantings
  • Mature oak woods
  • Taller grass and brushy bedding
  • Water sources
  • In the heart of an overall larger habitat block
  • Ag. Fields adjacent
  • Located off of a dead end with good access
  • Ability to hunt multiple species
  • Less then 2 hrs from the NW Twin Cities metro
  • And the list goes on and on!!

Pheasant Hill Rd NE
Osakis, Minnesota 56360