Great Hunting Area With Convenient Access To Recreational Sites In MN


This property has several different uses potentially available. The southern approx. 950 ft portion of the property is zoned M-1 (Manufacturing District). The northern approx. 350 ft portion is zoned R-1 ( Residential District).  So with approval from county zoning and planning, a person could potentially build a home or cabin on the northern portion of the land or a business on the southern portion.  The property is just outside of the city limits and falls under the setbacks followed in the MN DNR Hunting/Trapping Handbook at this time for firearm hunting. When I walked the ground, it was apparent that there was a thriving deer herd using this property. One of the reasons, in my opinion, is the proximity to town. Sometimes the biggest deer find those little edge of town spots to survive in because they simply just get overlooked. To the north not too far are several other smaller lots and homes, then to the west is the International Falls airport. This airport has a high fence which literally acts as a barrier in a sense pushing the north and south deer travel around the airport grounds and directly into this property. The location of the airport would also make for a great asset, with approval from the county to build a cabin or garage to fly up and hop off and drive into Canada on those great fishing trips. Or leave a spare truck and a boat to go hit the Rainy River, Rainy Lake, and the Canadian lakes just across the border. There are several different potential uses for this property given its location. Call for your showing today!! 

Property Details

  • Southern portion zoned M-1 (Manufacturing District) and northern portion zoned R-1 (Residential District).
  • Tons of deer sign
  • Great hop off point into Canada, convenient location just across the road from International Falls Airport
  • Great year round road access

Highway 332, Lot #WP001
International Falls, Minnesota 56649