Minnesota Hunting Property With Great Fishing Lakes And Public Lands Nearby



If you’ve been looking for that end of the road property, this could be it!  This is a wilderness property yet you can drive right up to the cabin with car or truck! There is a beautiful pole shed cabin that has a storage area on one end for your car, four-wheeler, tractor, etc. The other end is a one-room living quarters. Above the living quarters is an open loft that can be accessed from the storage part of the shed.  There is also a privy made of matching steel and a small pond that I saw a drake mallard in while at the property. From the cabin, there is a couple of trails that create a loop through a big chunk of the property. Taking the trail nearest the pond, it leads back to a permanent tower stand that overlooks a food plot, ridge side and down into a swale with cedars. The deer trails came into the food plot from several different directions and have been an excellent spot for the seller over the years.  Continuing on the trail as it leaves the food plot will lead you to another small hidden food plot near the SW corner of the property. Then the trail heads towards the NE and then back along the northern border to the cabin. I flushed several grouse while walking the trail system and heard, even more, drumming off to the sides. The trail leaves a large area on it’s interior that can also double as a sanctuary so to speak if left be to help hold the deer close to the food plots. There are several areas along the trails that would work great for more treestands as well! The terrain is a mix of high and low with rolling nature. This helps create excellent edges and natural travel areas. The sellers have also seen moose on the property, and when walking the property, I saw moose sign on several occasions. There is also a portion of the property that runs along the main gravel road (McAlpine Spur Road) the seller has a gate at this location and can utilize this to access his acreage from the south when hunting if wanted to help not blow deer out of the main timber ground type thing. Also, there are some public lands directly attached giving a person more room to roam.  While at the property the entire time walking it the only thing I heard was wind through the trees, birds, and frogs. A person would be hard pressed to find a more peaceful setting and enjoyable property to walk around on. Call for a private showing today!!

Property Details

  • Beautiful pole shed cabin that is part living area and part storage area
  • Remote wilderness property, yet drive up access all the way to the cabin
  • Two food plot locations; one with a permanent tower stand already in place
  • Trail that creates a big loop through the property
  • Parcel along McAlpine Spur Road allows the seller to access the property from the south as well in order to access the land quietly
  • Several great fishing lakes nearby along with thousands of public lands
  • Wildlife pond right outside the cabin; we saw a drake mallard and a hawk hanging out by the pond
  • Excellent area for snowmobiling as well

McAlpine Trail, Lot#WP001
Two Harbors, Minnesota 55616