Affordable Hunting Property In Central Minnesota


Here is a nice property that is very affordable and located in a great area just northwest of Randall.  The key with this property is looking at what’s all around it: low slough areas and mixed woods and agriculture. Fields make up the area, and when crops are up, one never knows which buck may show up on the property.  When crops come down, there is still some nice connectivity to adjacent habitat not to mention that it has a spring fed creek flowing through it which I was out on the property after some bitterly cold conditions and it was wide open (see the pics).  The sellers also prefer a contract for deed on the property so we can look into negotiating out some favorable financing terms.  Give me a call, and I’d love to discuss this property.  Also, make sure to look at the interactive map tab on this page.

Property Details

  • Nice affordable acreage
  • Located in a great area
  • Area with adjacent cover types
  • Agriculture ground all around and adjacent to the property
  • Spring fed creek that flows year-round
  • Contract for Deed terms

60th Avenue, Lot#WP001
Cushing, Minnesota 56443