Restored Wetland And Upland Native Prairie Property In West Central MN


Here is another great west-central MN restored wetland and upland native prairie property.  Located approx. 2 miles NE of Granite Falls, this property has been restored through the state RIM (Reinvest in Minnesota) program and consists of one larger restored main wetland basin that lies right in the middle of the property along with other satellite smaller wetland basins lying to the east and west of the main basin.   The main basins water source is fed in from the watershed lying to the NW which feeds down into the basin and then outlets through the sheet piling weir control structure on the S. side of the basin.  Surrounding the wetlands then is restored upland native prairie which all in all, make for not only a property that will hold pheasants all season long, but provides waterfowl opportunities along with and don’t be fooled, given the amount of surrounding habitat in the surrounding area (see the aerials), some very nice whitetails also can be found.  As a part of the RIM program, a future landowner can work with the local Renville Co. SWCD (Soil and Water Conservation District) office to incorporate and develop some food plot areas and/or woody cover shelterbelt planting areas to even further enhance the habitat.  The property also is across the road from a game preserve so one may get a few stray birds that make their way onto the property.  One of the sellers owns the farm site cut out of the west side of the property which may be available if desired or even just a portion of that land for anyone interested in having a place to build a hunting “shack” or just a camping area.  Looking for just a smaller piece of land?  The sellers would also consider some split options to accommodate so just give me a call and we can discuss this or any other questions that you may have on this great multi-species property!

Property Details

  • Nice main wetland basin in the middle of the property
  • Multiple additional satellite wetland basins
  • Nicely restored upland native prairie
  • Early season and late season pheasant habitat
  • Open water for waterfowl hunting
  • Lots of habitat areas in the surrounding area
  • Ability to plant food plots or tree plantings
  • Possibility of selling smaller parcels
  • Potential for including a nice farm site for a hunting camp headquarters
  • Nearby lodging and/or camping facilities
  • Additional public hunting lands in the area

860th Avenue, Lot#WP001
Granite Falls, Minnesota 56241