Beautiful Mix Of Timbered Hills On This Great Hunting Tract


This is an unbelievably beautiful property with approximately 2,500 feet of lakeshore on Artichoke Lake. The property consists of rolling timbered hills and lowland areas. There’s a road that was built for forest management purposes through the property that gets a person easily around the various areas of the property. On this road, you can get to within pretty close to the lake where there’s a nice spot someone could potentially build a cabin. The road also travels through various areas and gets you to the southern and southeast portions of the property. The timber has several age classes of timber that was harvested at various times and was done with care. The landowner was a Forester and carefully managed the harvest of the timber to maximize the potential for wildlife and health of the forest. Also mixed in various areas of the property are also excellent stands of mature maple, aspen even some oak, white pine and spruce. The southern half of the property is just a spectacular mix of beautiful trees that are a blast to walk through. That with the topography of mixed hills and ridges it makes for some very beautiful country. The properties mix of timber types and ages make it an excellent property for hunting. While walking the property I saw many grouse on the roads. I also flushed lots of grouse in the timber just while getting to know the property initially. This type of timber and terrain is also excellent for deer and bear. There are also several areas right now opened up in the woods that would be great for someone to establish a food plot or two and add more in the future. Getting over to the western portion of the property lies Artichoke Lake. It’s a beautiful Northwood’s shallow lake type setting. I could see some great duck hunts taking place on the lake as the ducks migrate through the area. The lake would also be great to take a small boat, kayak’s or canoes out on. There is also a beaver pond that someone could possibly catch a duck or two hanging out in now and then. With the pond it’s a nice source of water for all game and attracts all types of birds and animals to it. The property is currently enrolled in SFIA (Sustainable Forest Incentive Act) and is currently getting back about $2,762 back each year for the 310 acres enrolled in the SFIA plan. There is a portion of the property that was left out of the plan and is exempt from the rules of the SFIA plan. The portion left out is over along the lake where there’s a nice area for someone to potentially build a cabin. The property also has pubic land bordering it to the east and lots more public in the surrounding area to venture around on. It’s also only about 40 minutes to Duluth and a little closer to Cloquet.  If you are looking for that property that is unique, beautiful, great hunting in northern MN this could be the place for you. Call for more info or to schedule a private showing today!!

Property Details

  • Beautiful mix of timbered hills and low areas
  • Road system to access a large portion of the property by vehicle
  • Approx 2500 feet of frontage on Artichoke Lake
  • 310 acres is enrolled in SFIA getting back about 2,762 dollars a year
  • Also some of the acreage is left out of the plan leaving it open for potentially building a cabin on near the lake
  • Owner is a forester and carefully managed the timber harvest in areas to maximize benefit for wildlife and forest health
  • Beaver pond and lake would be great spots to hunt some ducks
  • Timber is a mix of aspen, maple, spruce, ash, a few large white pines and oaks mixed in
  • One area has lots of mature maple that would be incredible for you maple syrup folks

Shipley Road, Lot#WP001
Saginaw, Minnesota 55779