Diverse Timber And Hunting Property Near Orr MN


Here’s a mostly timbered property with something for everyone! The majority of the property is tucked back in behind other properties but still goes out to the main road for year-round access. One thing I’ve learned is these types of properties can be dynamite for deer hunting due to the fact that if you get into the stand before the folks around you then deer get pushed in from the perimeters during deer season. While walking the property I saw deer great deer sign. Some of the key areas were along the beaver pond timber edges. Also, one phenomenal looking spot was between the main beaver pond and a smaller beaver pond. The reason for this is between the smaller beaver pond and larger one there’s one heck of a funnel! It’s a timber funnel with a creek created by the overflow from the smaller pond heading to the large pond. At this funnel, there were lots of fresh deer tracks crossing through. Also on top of the beaver dam, I noticed bear tracks and bobcat tracks crossing along the top of the dam. Also on the beaver ponds I flushed a bunch of wood ducks, mallards, and a few ringbills even a couple swans watched me go about my business. Also while walking the property I had the dog with and he flushed quite a few woodcock and grouse! The timber area west of the beaver pond areas would be excellent for grouse. If someone created some trails in that area they could have phenomenal grouse hunting! Getting back to the waterfowl the lake is situated between Pelican Lake to the west and Moose Lake towards the northeast! As the crow flies the property is less than a mile from each lake! Talk about being in the middle of two great waterfowl resting spots. I could see this being great for a few great shots during the fall. If you fish well you’re in heaven!! Lots of excellent lakes nearby for boating and fishing! Also excellent snowmobiling trails nearby. This property would be a great place to get away and have excellent multispecies hunting right out the back door! Excellent fishing very close by! If you’re looking for something different for an investment that you can actually use and enjoy this would be a great option! Make memories for years to come and when the aspen is ready again you could benefit from the timber value that will be available in the future. This is truly a special property worth a look!

Property Details

  • Great deer, bear, grouse, and waterfowl hunting
  • Property located between two lakes for great location for waterfowl moving back and forth
  • Many excellent fishing lakes very nearby
  • Great snowmobile trails nearby
  • Great all-around property
  • Lots of timber mostly aspen that will be great potential income in the future when ready to harvest again

0 King Rd, lot#WP001
Orr, Minnesota 55771