Hunting And Recreational Property With Cabin In Minnesota


What an incredible view!!! This property is pretty much the epitome of the Northwoods! The sellers have a cleared road going all the way back to the cabin that sits on an elevated point looking over a beaver pond system that’s dammed up in view of the cabin. From there the creek flows off towards the north and west where the beavers have another pond. Mallards and geese were using these ponds as I walked the property. I can only imagine a person would have some opportunities at wood ducks, mallards as well as the potential for ringbills and geese. Between the geese in one pond with they’re mating calls and the ruffed grouse drumming you quickly are able to relax in this place and forget about the daily grind!! The pond’s and creek would also be great trapping opportunities for beaver, mink possibly even a chance at an otter here and there. Bobcats also key in on these areas. Also while walking the property, I kicked up some deer and could tell the property could be great for deer and bear.  The sellers have trails looping through the property to help get around the various areas of the property easily. There are also several stands places some with nice shooting lanes cut in. While walking the property, I saw plenty of deer sign and lost count of grouse drumming. The cabin has a comfortable open interior with a sitting area, dining area to come in and have lunch as well as evenings playing cards at deer camp!! There is also a woodstove to keep the place nice and cozy when you come back in from hunting. There are two rooms as well each with two bunk beds and plenty of room to store all the gear.  The property is at the end of a dead-end road for ultimate privacy. If you want to fish it’s approximately 4.7 miles to the Prairie Lake public boat access and located about 40 minutes from Big Sandy Lake.  The property is an ideal location less than 45 minutes to Duluth or Grand Rapids.

Property Details

  • Great two bedroom cabin with open main sitting and dining area
  • Cabin sits on an elevated point with beautiful views of beaver pond and creek
  • Road/trail cleared and built up from the gravel road to the cabin
  • Trails loop through the property giving easy access to various areas of the property
  • Several stands in place with some shooting lanes cleared
  • Deer, bear, grouse, ducks, geese and beaver; you name it, it's likely here
  • Only a few minutes away from Prairie Lake and about 40 minutes away from Big Sandy
  • Approximately 45 minutes to Duluth or Grand Rapids

Asp Road, Lot#WP001
Floodwood, Minnesota 55736