Large Recreational Acreage With Cabin And ATV Trails


If you’re looking for a larger sized acreage for the whole family to have room to hunt here’s an excellent property! The property would be great for deer, bear, grouse, and woodcock. The property has a 16x24 cabin that is heated by a propane heater and also has a propane cookstove. The property is loaded with trails to easily access various areas around the property. Many of the trails would also double as great spots to put stands and or food plots. There are a few older stands scattered around the property that would be likely great spots to put new ones in their place. Many times stands were in locations for reasons. That said walking the property I found several areas I’d be sure to place another stand here and there. The property has been logged a few years back and is going to be prime grouse habitat in the very near future here. I did flush quite a few woodcock when walking the property.  The property is mostly high ground with a couple of lower areas mixed in. There was also some nice rolling topography in a couple of areas. So with the different topography changes as well as the high ground/low ground edges and timber edges the property has a super diverse makeup. To get a property set up like this with trails would take a person a ton of work if starting from scratch! With this place, a person could start with the trail system and create some great food plots and stand sites how they want them for themselves without having to come into a property and start from scratch just making trails to get around! The trails would also be great to grouse hunt on. They work as travel routes for deer and many other game species as well. The property also would be great to get around and trap on also with the trail system. In the part of the property the farthest north and west the timber wasn’t cut on when everything else was and that has some nice large aspen in there as well as other trees. Also some great natural edges as well. The property does have some public land to the north of some of it and to the west of some of it as well. The railroad bed that runs through and along it would also be a heck of an area to trap along. I saw a bunch of areas foxes had been digging along the built-up railroad bed. This area also has a ton of great public lands to hunt deer, bear, grouse. As well as lots of lakes and rivers nearby to fish, boat, kayak or canoe. If you’re looking for an excellent property that could be fun year-round this could be the place you’ve been looking for! Call for your private showing today!

Property Details

  • Great property for deer, bear, grouse, and woodcock
  • Tons of trails make for excellent access around the property
  • Trails double as great places to hunt grouse as well as natural spots for game to also travel along
  • Areas along the trails would be great to build food plots and new tree stands in various locations
  • Great cabin with propane heater and cookstove/oven
  • Excellent to ATV or snowmobile around as well
  • Borders public land in a couple spots as well as lots of public in the area
  • Close to lots of lakes and rivers for fishing and boating

Highway 8, Lot#WP001
Culver, Minnesota 55779