Northwoods Property With Hunting Cabin


Here’s a beautiful property with an excellent Northwoods feel! Tucked in off the road is a hunting shack cabin that’s waiting for you to come to finish the inside however you want. The shack is heated by a woodstove. There’s also another older shack being used as a tool shed for storage of any non-household items not needed in the cabin. Not far behind the cabin, there’s a deer trail that’s being used pretty darn good that heads to a point that extends out towards the north. Along with the deer, trail sits a permanent box stand to stay nice and warm. Deer are crossing the gap across the lower area to get to the larger block of timber to the north side of the property.  In the larger block of timber, there’s a heavily used deer trail running along the southern edge of the timber and up along the south-facing ridge. There’s a beautiful mix of mature aspen on this property as well as spruce and fir and a few other tree types mixed in. The edges created by the high ground and low ground make for great habitat and travel ways for all types of game. According to the county land explorer website, it appears a small corner of a large pond area comes down into the property a little bit. The pond area would be great for occasional ducks and geese as well as excellent trapping habitat. This property has lots of potential for hunting and wildlife viewing! Call for your private showing today!

Property Details

  • Great hunting shack/cabin and extra shack for storage
  • Lots of deer sign
  • Beautiful mature aspen with a mix of spruce and fir
  • Nice slight ridge that’s south facing with quite a bit of deer sign using it
  • Great place to hunt or view wildlife with lots of diversity
  • Close to lots of lakes, public lands and snowmobile trails

7355 Melrude Rd W
Cotton, Minnesota 55724