High Deer Density Property With Little Swan River Running Through It


Good night for deer sign! You have to look at the drone pictures to understand what I am talking about. There is no doubt this property holds the deer and is gnarly enough to grow them big. The price reflects the makeup of the land as the vast majority is low ground but again I encourage you to look at the drone pictures to understand what this low ground means to the deer. On June 5th after a good rain with rubber boots I was able to walk across the low ground to the high knob that overlooks the Swan River and several trails. This gives me hope that come fall time you can navigate the entire property with not much trouble to set up stands in strategic locations for a chance at one of the bruiser river bottom bucks this land is sure to have. At the end of the day if you are after deer, lots of them and some good ones to boot you need to consider this property. Sure it's not a turnkey property that has a ton of food plots etc. but tell that to the deer that use this property. They don't seem to mind. Also holds turkeys, grouse, and pheasant. Yes, my dog flushed 2 roosters in the middle of the willows! At this price, it is hard to pass up.

Property Details

  • Tons and tons of deer and deer sign
  • Located just east of Lake Beauty
  • Little Swan River runs through the property
  • 8x12 fish house with bunks comes with the land
  • Good deer stand comes with the land
  • Established mineral lick
  • Tons of cover
  • Good ag land nearby
  • Rifle zone
  • Spot to build or put a camper
  • Area is knows for producing big bucks
  • Turkeys, grouse and pheasant
  • Occasional bear

270th Street
Long Prairie, Minnesota 56347