Great Hunting Tract With Low Hunting Pressure In Southern WI


This is a great hunting property at an unbelievable price. This tract is a very low hunting pressured bedding area which the deer call home for the majority of the day before making their way to the destination field by dark. There are plenty of treestand locations perfect for multiple predominant winds during the fall. Higher oak islands make for perfect stand locations to catch a big bruiser on his feet during daylight. Thick willow bedding areas offer a place for many deer to bed as well as cruising grounds for the bucks during the rut. This property isn't just for deer hunting, it also offers up some great waterfowl opportunities with the Manitowoc river meandering thru it. Another neat aspect to this property is that the road divides the parcel with the majority of the land on the south side and a smaller portion on the north. This can be very beneficial for hunting because you can hunt the north or the south sections pending wind directions and leaving the other side unpressured and scent free for future hunts. This neighborhood is known for holding and harvesting big, mature whitetails on an annual basis.

Property Details

  • Perfect mix of cattails, willow thickets, river, oak islands
  • Great deer, waterfowl hunting
  • High deer density area with mature deer
  • Unbelievable waterfowl opportunities
  • Located in a large marsh surrounded by large agriculture fields
  • Oak islands
  • Large red willow thickets which is a perfect bedding area for deer
  • Full road and river access
  • Boundary likes well marked with white poles
  • 5 minutes from Lake Winnebago
  • A few miles off of Highway 151
  • 15 minutes from Fond du Lac area
  • 60 minutes from Greater Milwaukee area

County Road HH, Lot#WP01
Pipe, Wisconsin 53049