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My sisters and I have been extremely pleased with the professional way Michael Ogletree managed the sale of the property owned by our family for four generations. He knew the land like the back of his hand so he could answer any questions a client might ask. Michael knew the boundaries, which way the creek flowed, timber, signs of animals that inhabited the property for hunting such as deer, turkeys, beavers, etc. He researched the surrounding area and brought attention to near by cities, colleges, restaurants, shopping, lakes, and tourism. Michael projected the property beautifully with seasonal pictures and a wonderful written description. He was always prompt and prepared when meeting with us or prospective buyers. We feel that his communication with us was honest and on a timely bases. We would highly recommend Michael Ogletree with Whitetail Properties.


Judy Overbey, Frankie Horton, & Ronda Ingram, Calloway County

I knew I wanted my own hunting tract in South Carolina as long as I can remember.  I visited the Carolina’s many times when I was getting ready to retire and searched for days, weeks, months and what turned into years for the perfect spot.  I had very specific requirements including a lodge or home on the tract since I would be living there for half of each year.  Finally, I realized I needed to get serious and I contacted Rick Elliott from Whitetail Properties in South Carolina.  Before I even purchased my land, I knew immediately that I had made the right decision.  Being from the area I was looking in, Rick knew everything about the lay of the land, different communities and areas, etc.  I am so thankful to have found someone so knowledgeable and helpful in my quest to own my own hunting tract.  Rick Elliott was such a great person to work with during that time that I now consider him a friend.  I will definitely tell my friends and family about my excellent experience with Whitetail Properties and Rick Elliott.  Thank you Rick!

Tim Wright - South Carolina Land Owner

I am very happy and pleased with my Whitetail Properties agent Joe Gizdic. Working with him was very easy and he went over and beyond for me even with the fact that I was only purchasing a small track of land. He is by far one of the best real estate agents I have worked with.

Joe was great to work with and I will recommend him to my friends and family. It was a great experience!

Joe was very professional and very friendly to me, the buyers, and everyone that he had contact with while he was showing my property. He always stayed in contact and I was very pleased with his performance.

We are happily settled into our home. We couldn’t be happier, had family over for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. It was a great success and everyone just loved our house. We bought our farm from you guys a few years ago and I must say it was a great experience. I knew we would be doing business again. We have really enjoyed our farm; fishing, hunting trail riding, mushroom hunting or just going out there and taking a walk.We love the house so much. It fits us perfectly. It has been great for entertaining. I can’t wait for warmer weather so we can spend some time out on our decks. I did get an opportunity to go fishing in the pond by our house and I slayed them. Quite tasty.As you know Alisha is pregnant and due anytime with our firstborn son. I was thinking about your motto “Dreams to Reality” and these last few years my dreams have come to reality. We’ve got acreage, a beautiful dream home and a child on the way. The mot to means so much more than shooting that 200” whitetail. We just can’t thank you guys enough. The whole experience has truly been awesome.

Best Regards,

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  202. Tracie Hicks
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  204. Tyler Sellens
  205. Tyson Smith
  206. Wade Abadie
  207. Wes Evans
  208. Wesley McConnell
  209. Whitetail Properties
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  211. Zeke Barrett

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