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3 Duck Hunting Properties for Sale in Missouri

Folks, Arkansas is crowded. Back in the 90s when Stuttgart became the duck hunting mecca, thousands of waterfowlers flocked to the Delta’s flooded rice fields to seek out any farmer who would sell or lease his land. Then, they commenced to killing ducks, a lot of them. Piles of Polaroids adorned cork boards and sagging kitchen tables, chronicling consistent days and weeks of multi-man limits. Mallards, pintails, teal, canvas backs, they were all there.

We remember the pre-MOJO Duck Decoy days when a mailbox with two license plates drilled into either side brought ducks diving down from the heavens. Dads wore the same camouflage they’d been wearing since the 70s, and so did their sons, but the oversized, hand-me-down version; because duck hunting hadn’t really evolved into the big business it is today.

Then, one day, Arkansas became overhunted and dare we say “outdated.” So we started looking further northwest, to Missouri. Still part Delta and mostly all farmland, Missouri duck hunting properties and its hunters don’t feel suffocated by other hunters surrounding the pits and blinds. And while the leasing option is often more beneficial, there are some great places for sale that can sustain the next couple generations of duck hunters.

Mallard Bend Hunting Club

Mallard Bend Hunting Club, located in the throbbing heart of Mississippi River waterfowl country, is an established, turnkey duck and deer hunting property. It features a five bedroom and three full bath clubhouse overlooking a farm that consists of four different duck hunting pools. There are a total of four pits (two concrete and two metal), one of which has electricity. 

Mallard Bend is one of Missouri's premier duck hunting properties for sale.

The farm is 185 total acres with 100 of those acres enrolled in the wetlands reserve program (WRP) that is complimented by a Ducks Unlimited (DU) easement. WRP and DU offer ongoing assistance to maintain the ground for duck and moist soil habitat. 

But that’s just the beginning. For more information, read the entire listing by clicking here.

Turnkey Wildlife Haven on the Mississippi River

This 953-acre wetlands reserve program (WRP) farm is located on the Mighty Mississippi, and it offers some of the finest deer, duck, and turkey hunting found along the river. Most of the property is at high elevations, so it won’t flood throughout the year. The 783 acres in WRP surrounded by fertile cropland has evolved into some of the best wildlife habitat you can find.

To hear more about the lodge and amenities on this incredible place, click here.

Own an Island

Lee Towhead Island, located in the heart of the Mississippi Flyway in Southeast Missouri, is a waterfowl hunter’s dream spot. Imagine making a quick boat trip to a property that is totally secluded. Each day you’re there, within minutes of waking up, you’ll be watching the sunrise over an incredible duck hunting destination. The fertile river bottom has been known to grow a few world-class whitetails as well. Even some turkeys too.

This property also comes with all the equipment you’ll ever need, including a John Deere 460J Bulldozer, 2012 Jayco 38-foot, fifth-wheel camper with two slideouts; four-seat diesel Kubota UTV with a cab, two-seat Kubota UTV with a cab, 60-hp 4wd Kubota utility tractor, large storage container, two disks, tiller, brush hog, seed drill, sprayer, spreader, trailers, fuel tank, boat and trailer, and a generator.

To learn more about this awesome place, and to see what kind of hunting equipment comes with it, simply click here.

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