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Buying Raw Land to Build a House

We like being out in the country. Love it in fact. So when somebody we know is looking to build a home we always suggest first buying some raw land in a place where they’d like to live, then layout the plans for a house. You can have the best house in the world, but if it’s not in a place where you want to wake up every morning, then what’s the point?

Raw Land Is Cheaper

Have you seen what residential lots are going for around the urban areas of this country? Prices increase with population. It’s simple supply and demand. As cities become more crowded, folks are looking to make a nest far away from the rat race. If you don’t mind driving to work, there are many opportunities to purchase raw land out in the county. Plus, in this digital world, many people are presented with the option to work remotely.

Go Rural

The many opportunities for raw land out in the county means the same thing as raw land out in the country, the rural areas should you live in a suburban locale. Folks’ fear of the term “rural” is sometimes blown out of proportion thanks to popular culture. These days, even businesses like grocery stores are seeing the benefit of moving away from crowded city centers. They are, in essence, following the herd.

Land Appreciates

Not that we want to continue beating a dead horse, but to help make the point that land will appreciate, many people are recognizing the benefit of buying acreage and building a home rather than buying a spec house in a cluttered neighborhood. It’s as if the old saying, “The one thing about land is that they aren’t making any more of it,” is starting to take hold of smart-minded people looking to make an investment.

The Ancillary Benefits

There are so many things you can do because you bought land in the country then built a house. For some reason, building and planting a garden is one of the first things that comes to my mind. Think of the fresh vegetables. The excess you’ll can for the rest of the year. If you want to raise a few chickens, no problem. Build yourself a small coop and have at it.

Rural life allows kids to roam freely instead of staying inside on the computer.

Another top reason for living out away from the traffic is giving your kids the opportunity to, well, be kids. Remember where you grew up? Unless it was New York City or Chicago, the chances were you had it pretty good, spending long days on your bike with your friends seeing what lived under that next rock along a creek bank. While we do live in a different world, the opportunities for a kids to get out, skin their knees and get their hands dirty do still exist. This is especially true for parents with younger children who haven’t developed the bad habit of computer and video games.

Helping with the land buying process is why we’re here. There are many decisions to make, but one of our trusted agents will be by your side throughout the process to see it to completion. Again, there’s no better investment than land. Let us assist you in finding yours.


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