Small Hunting Tract Full Of Mixed Habitats In Southern IL


This is an excellent smaller acreage hunting tract! Located in the Big Bay area of Southern Illinois, this farm sits right in the heart of big buck country. It has a great mix of habitat types including, open areas for standing grain or food plots, thick bedding/sanctuary cover, two water sources and a major travel corridor for deer in the area! The deeded easement enters from the south along the old railroad bed and leads into the farm at the southeast corner. This south entry point is hidden due to the gentle roll of the open field’s topography and is great for November’s predominantly northern wind directions. There are just over 10+/- acres of open ground broken up into two larger fields that are perfect for standing grain food sources and two smaller areas that are ideal for staging plots. There is plenty of thick sanctuary/bedding habitat spread throughout the southern half of the farm. These thicker areas are located close to several of the open areas and create the ideal scenario for bedding close to food. A small pond sits in the center of the farm along with a creek that runs through the middle and east side of the farm. This provides plenty of water for the local wildlife. The farm is bordered on the west by a railroad track that really helps to direct deer travel as well as providing a defined boundary. The area has plenty of agriculture fields and the farm is bordered by row crops on the east and north sides. If you’re looking for a farm that has a great mix of habitat types, is loaded with deer sign, has no road frontage and sits in an area known for producing big bucks, give us a call today and schedule your private tour!

Property Details

  • Excellent smaller acreage hunting tract
  • Great mix of habitat types
  • 10+/- acres of open ground for food plots or standing grain plots
  • Plenty of thick bedding/sanctuary habitat
  • No road frontage
  • The property has a southern entry point, perfect for November’s northerly wind directions
  • Gently rolling topography on the south end leads to level ground timber and thickets on the north end
  • Bordered by the railroad on the west side
  • There is plenty of agriculture ground in the immediate area around the property
  • This area is known for producing big bucks
  • The creek and small pond provides plenty of water for wildlife
  • This is an ideal property for the habitat manager/food plotter
  • Illinois is a two buck state
  • Taxes - $58.00 as of 2015
  • 30 minutes from Paducah, KY – 2 ½ hours from St. Louis, MO – 2 ½ hours from Nashville, TN

Rose Bud Road
Round Knob, Illinois 62960