East Central Indiana Secluded Beautiful Hunting Property


PRICE REDUCED! This beautiful and secluded property sits within minutes of Connersville yet feels and hunts like you are in the most remote parts of the county. Situated behind a locked farm gate is a 30 foot wide and 3,000-foot long lane lined on both sides by fencing and crop fields. This lane takes you south through the big ag field to another locked cable at the start of the brushy overgrown cattle pasture. This location makes for a perfect parking and staging area to get changed for your hunts. The brushy field has fencing all the way around, and the main draw running through the center north to south has a flowing creek fed by field tiles and springs. This creek ends up being a nice clear, rock-bottomed creek that runs through the entire wooded area as well. The pasture is crisscrossed with well-worn deer trails, and the fence crossings are very obvious as they head out to the crops. There are several ideal spots within this pasture to create food plots for intercepting feeding deer. At the entry to the pasture is a large concrete slab that could make a good campsite or even possible foundation for a cabin or camper parking site. The timber has beautiful, gently rolling hills covered in a wide variety of hardwood species. There is an unusual amount of black cherry in the woods, but there is also a heavy amount of marketable oaks, walnut, poplar, hickory, and maple too. The property’s “T” shape allows for lots of edge to hunt, with tillable land on the west, north and northeast sides, there are dozens of trails leading out into the fields through many draws and fence openings. This translates into many stand sites to choose from based on wind direction and feeding activity. The deer trails in the timber are worn deep into the ground. Rubs and old scrapes are everywhere! This property has not been hunted permissibly since the owner purchased it 13 years ago, and the amount of sign shows it. The land adjoins large contiguous timber along this drainage and makes for constant movement of deer. While entering the woods on my first walk, I saw a hen turkey cross the ridge in front of me. Slipping up to that point I was able to see 3 more hens being followed by a strutting and drumming gobbler in the fresh snow. This place has turkeys too! This place just feels like big buck ground, and a site visit will surely let you in on that feeling too. A great smaller property that will hunt big, offer lots of locations, and has some marketable timber for R-O-I perpetually with responsible timber management.   Shown by appointment only. 

Property Details

  • 1 hour and 15 mins from Indianapolis, 40 minutes from Richmond, 15 minutes to Connersville
  • Gated and locked farm lane provides entry from the north 3,000 feet to the woods
  • Great staging area on the lane for hunt preparation
  • Brushy overgrown pasture loaded with deer sign
  • Main draw running north and south has a clear creek running through
  • Several side draws run out into the fields from the main block loaded with heavy deer trails
  • Lots of nice marketable timber
  • Well-worn trails everywhere
  • Possible cabin or camp site where lane joins the pasture
  • Turkeys on the property too
  • Not hunted in 13 years
  • Area is known to produce big bucks
  • Shown by appointment only

West CR 300 North
Connersville, Indiana 47331