Hardwood Ridges And Deep Hollows In Western Kentucky


It’s a well-known fact that Christian county Kentucky produces big bucks year after year. This all timber track sits off a dead end gravel road in an area of vast wilderness. Big hardwood ridges and deep hollows make up the landscape and create plenty of funnels and pinch points. These type of hardwood tracks can pay off big when mature bucks get to traveling during November! As you enter the property from the south you immediately cross a small valley. This gives you a low entrance point which allows you to get into the farm without spooking game. A large hardwood ridge runs through the center of the farm acting as the connecting hub for traveling deer. Some things that could be done in order to add diversity to the farm would be to clear out several small areas of the timber along the ridge top and thicken up a few areas with hinge cutting. This would give you an excellent ambush spot to stop the deer as they travel through this farm. Give us a call today and get started writing your chapter in Christian county’s rich buck history.

Property Details

  • One of Kentucky’s highest ranking counties for Boone & Crocket bucks
  • Good neighbors in an area of dense deer population
  • All timber
  • Loads of mast producing hardwoods
  • Very Secluded
  • Ridges and hollows create sever funnels & pinch points
  • Located on a dead end road
  • 1 hour & 50 minutes to Nashville
  • 3 ½ hours to St. Louis
  • 1 ½ hour to Paducah

000 Grapevine Road
White Plains, Kentucky 42464