Newly Improved West Kentucky Farm Is Ready To Hunt



This is a stellar hunting tract that you don’t want to miss! The property recently underwent a habitat improvement plan that was geared solely towards growing, holding and harvesting mature whitetails! The farm has a great layout that includes several established food plots, an excellent trail system, multiple ponds and feeder streams that provide ample water for wildlife, elevated blinds that are already in place, plenty of thick bedding/sanctuary cover and several funnels and pinch points. An outstanding farm that allows awesome potential for a Pope and Young buck in early bow season. The farm has a very hunter friendly topography with the highlight being a main ridge that runs east/west through the property. This ridge is a main travel corridor for deer in the area. New food plots have been put in on this ridge providing ideal ambush locations to catch bucks cruising during the rut. The farm is bordered by some row crops, but is also the main bedding for deer using these agriculture fields. A couple staging plots have been implemented to catch those older age class bucks as they hang back waiting for dark before entering the ag fields. The farm has a gated entrance and NO ROAD FRONTAGE! This keeps security to a maximum and disturbance to a minimum! If you’re looking for a stellar hunting tract to fill your buck tag year after year, give us a call today and schedule your private tour!

Property Details

  • Established food plots
  • Elevated blinds already in place
  • Excellent trail system
  • Early season Pope and Young potential
  • Hunter friendly topography
  • Numerous funnels and pinch points
  • Softwoods and mast producing white oak and red oak hardwood timber
  • Plenty of thick bedding/sanctuary cover
  • Plenty of thick bedding/sanctuary cover
  • Ponds and several feeder streams provide ample water for wildlife
  • An east/west ridge provides a main travel corridor running through the property
  • Gated entrance
  • Adjoins row crops
  • 1 hour from Paducah – 2 ½ hours from Nashville, TN – 3 ½ hours from St. Louis, MO

Summers Mine Road
Marion, Kentucky 42064