Opportunity To Own The Northern Tip Of Anderson Island In Minnesota


If owning a piece of your own island is not a dream I don’t know what is. Here is your opportunity to own the northern tip of Anderson Island located on the north end of Swan Lake. This property is located just over one-half mile from the Poor Farm Bay water access area. The only access to the island is by boat or across the ice. After navigating a half mile across the shallow waters of Swan Lake, you land on your own private 20 acres. The property is one hundred percent covered in mature hardwood trees. Outlining this mature hardwood point are over 3,000 feet of steep shorelines on three sides. The steep banks keep the island high and dry even when Swan Lake has increased water levels. Because this land is encompassed by the Swan Lake Waterfowl and State Game Refuge, hunting of any kind is not allowed. Therefore, wildlife is plentiful in all parts of the property. While walking the property, I saw sign of whitetail deer, turkeys and multiple other species of wildlife. Songbirds were abundant, and the views are indescribable. In 1998, the Nicollet County Board of Commissions approved a conditional use permit for this property. The conditional use permit allows you to build two hunting cabins on the island. If building a cabin on an island is still not secluded enough for you, I mentioned before that the property was located inside of the Swan Lake Waterfowl and State Game Refuge. This Waterfowl and State Game Refuge is classified by the DNR as a waterfowl sanctuary. Therefore, no one may enter into the refuge during the waterfowl hunting season. However, the DNR may issue a special permit to the private landowners to enter into the refuge during that timeframe. Historically, Swan Lake is one of the most popular waterfowl hunting marshes in southern Minnesota. Swan Lake is considered the largest Prairie Pothole in North America at approximately 10,000 acres.  By owning this property and having the potential to build a hunting cabin, you would have access to thousands of acres of marshland. In addition to the ability to build two hunting cabins with the conditional use permit, you would also be allowed two boat docks and a storage building. The clearing of brush and trees is also allowed via the conditional use permit so you can create the desired view of Swan Lake from your cabin provided these natural features are not substantially reduced. 

Property Details

  • Own part of an island
  • Mature stand of hardwood trees
  • Steep sloping shoreline to protect from water damage
  • A conditional use permit which allows for two cabins to be built
  • Off the grid, no neighbors or roads
  • Located inside a Waterfowl Sanctuary, State Game and Waterfowl Refuge
  • Abundant wildlife viewing opportunities
  • Surrounded by the largest Prairie Pothole in North America at over 10,000 acres

485th Lane, #WP001
Nicollet, Minnesota 56074