Affordable Hunting And Recreational Tract In Central Minnesota


Great affordable hunting tract west of Hutchinson and within an easy day drive from the Twin Cities.  The property is restored through the WRP (Wetlands Reserve Program) easement program and consists primarily of upland prairie for nesting cover and some lower thick wintering cover.  If there are any doubts on what the area can produce and what the cover can hold for birds in not only the early season but into late season, just look at the pictures.  This is not just one group that flushed out of the thick cover but multiple “packs” of birds.  The nice part was that out of all the birds, the majority of them where hens and with the habitat on this property not to mention on the adjacent property to the east, there is a good amount of nesting cover in the area.  The property may not strike you right away for a deer hunting property, but the sellers and their relation have shot multiple deer off the property, and there are some good set up areas to catch deer coming and going from the cover to the cropland areas to the west and south which also is the direction where the Buffalo Creek lies.  It may not happen every year but the sellers also state that given a wet fall, there can be some smaller pockets of open water where they have shot some waterfowl as well.  So, if you have thoughts of owning your own hunting property at a price that won’t “break the bank,” just give me a call as this may be the one for you!

Property Details

  • Very affordable property
  • Nice mix of upland prairie and lower wintering cover
  • Relatively close drive from the Twin Cities metro
  • Good number of pheasants around the area and on the property
  • Legitimate chances of hunting deer and possibly some waterfowl as well
  • Adjacent habitat making for a larger wildlife area

County Road 11, Lot#WP001
Buffalo Lake, Minnesota 55314