Upland Restored Prairie Ground For Sale Near Sacred Heart In West Central MN


PRICE REDUCED!! This property located just north of Sacred Heart has a diverse habitat make up consisting of upland restored prairie, low seclusion wintering cover of willow and cattails and a smaller pocket of open water ideal for growing and holding pheasants, deer and even some waterfowl. Similar cover exists on the adjacent properties and other properties in the area to add to the overall area to hold game species. There is also some public hunting grounds close by to expand your hunting abilities in the area. The property is in the RIM program and there is the ability to modify the conservation plan to incorporate food plots or more winter cover tree plantings to enhance the habitat and holding abilities of this property. 

Property Details

  • Diverse habitat
  • Great nesting cover for pheasants
  • Thick seclusion/wintering cover
  • Adjacent habitat complexes

County Road 11
Sacred Heart, Minnesota 56285