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My Whitetail Properties allows you to pinpoint your dream property, save searches, and quickly access your favorites on any mobile device, tablet, and your desktop. Through this streamlined experience, you’ll receive mobile alerts when properties in your desired location become available. Don't miss out on the property of your dreams… download the app today.

Videos & Blogs

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Whitetail Habitat Improvements (Non Food Plot) | Creating Better Deer Habitat

Improving the deer habitat on your property will surely improve your hunting this fall. We are in Pennsylvania on Kip Adams farm showing you how to convert old cattle pasture in to early successional habitat for deer. Early successional habitat provides great cover and forage for deer throughout the year, and, it is essentially free!

Maintaining CLOVER FOOD PLOTS | Spraying & Mowing

Maintaining clover food plots in crucial in the longevity and productivity of the plot.


Caring For Animals During Heat Waves

High heat combined with high humidity can be dangerous for animals, but there are actions you can take to help reduce the impact of those temperatures

2019 Whitetail Properties Highlight Reel

A summary of what is in store for this season of Whitetail Properties television.