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Accurately measuring your food plots to determine the acreage you are planting is key to the success of the plot. It cuts down on wasted seed and money from overseeding, and also from under seeding your food plots.

TURKEY CALLING TIPS | Turkey Sounds and What They Mean

Calling turkeys is one thing, but understanding turkey sounds and what they mean is another. Knowing your turkey sounds and what they mean to turkeys, will ultimately make you a better turkey caller and hunter! These turkey calling tips are sure to improve your calling skills!


Caring For Chicks

If you've ever held a baby chick, you know they're super soft and super cute. But in order to raise them to be happy, healthy chickens, you need to be

How To Make A Dirt Hole Set | Predator Trapping

A dirt hole set is one of the most commonly used methods in trapping. In this video we show you step by step, how and why dirt hole sets are so effective for trapping coyotes, bobcats, or any other predators. We go over the basics so that even beginner trappers will feel confident enough to get out in the woods and start catching predators. We also give some tips and tricks that even a veteran trapper could learn from.