Outstanding Waterfowl Property On Ballplay Creek & Coosa River



A waterfowl hunter’s paradise! Two flyways intersect on this property, The Coosa River flows from out of Georgia and into Weiss Lake and on south through Alabama. Ballplay Creek flows through the property for over 1.5 miles as it winds, bends and turns through the bottom, coming out of a huge swamp and wetland network that consists of over 3200 acres. The mouth of the creek is located on this tract, where it flows into the Coosa River, making it a major intersection for migrating waterfowl.  This natural wetland is home to tremendous wildlife diversity. Ducks have natural aquatic vegetation that they rely on that grows plentiful in the wetland as well as acorns from all the water oaks that fill the timber. The cover is good here as well with wetland grasses and buttonbush. The standing timber holes are beautiful covering many acres and to experience cupped up mallards gliding down around those big snag trees on a foggy morning, there is nothing better! The whistling of wood ducks echos throughout the bottom, I was able to sneak in while shooting photos of this swamp network and saw over 80 wood ducks in late October. As November rolls around this area picks up a lot of mallards, gadwall and many other species roll in as they migrate from the north. There would also be potential to create additional impoundments to plant more food for ducks. The deer hunting is excellent in the area, being adjacent to large row crop fields, this tract is the bedding cover and with several small food plots tucked back in the timber its set up to hold a lot of deer and big deer call this swamp home. The property is private, located on a dead-end road with a good access road leading to the river. The fishing is excellent in the river and creek, its loaded with bass, catfish, bream and big striped bass. I could not imagine a more naturally beautiful wetland. The hardwood forest, has a raw and wild feel to it, a lot of unique areas that are just unique to a wetland. There is a hump out in the center that is a major hub of activity for deer in the area and numerous other locations that are just so cool! This area is also steeped in history as native Americans thrived along the banks of the Coosa River and Ballplay Creek. This tract could have excellent conservation easement potential as well with all the water frontage. Please let me know if you have any questions and want to schedule a private showing of this awesome place!

Property Details

  • Waterfowl paradise
  • Mature hardwood timber
  • Excellent duck and deer hunting
  • Fishing
  • Coosa River and Ballplay Creek frontage
  • Beautiful wetlands
  • Flowing creek
  • Driving distance approximate minutes: Gadsden 25 minutes, Birmingham 1 hour 25 minutes, Huntsville 1 hour 50 minutes and metro Atlanta 1 hour 45 minutes

Kershaw Quarters Road, Lot#WP01
Gadsden, Alabama 35903