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PRICE REDUCED! This parcel located between Patricksburg and Clay City is the habitat development project of the son of the late whitetail hunting guru Roger Rothhaar.  The owner has utilized his 35 years of serious whitetail hunting and management experience to develop this property with a focus on creating a high-end deer hunting farm.  This diverse property consists of a mix of hardwood drainages, mature pine forest, and several age classes of secondary growth created by sequential logging activities.  These early successional growth areas provide an abundance of bedding and security cover.  The hardwood drainages were selectively logged, leaving many large white and red oaks, as well as other hardwood species, that provide hard mast for wildlife as well as future timber income.  Areas of pines and tulip poplar were logged in several phases over the years, leading to high stem count areas of bedding cover and high-quality winter browse for the large deer population that utilizes the property.  A mature pine forest was maintained that provides thermal winter cover for whitetails as well as roosting areas for the several flocks of wild turkeys that call the property home.

There are four food plots, totaling approximately 4 acres, strategically placed throughout the property to enable multiple doe/fawn family groups to maintain core areas of their own, as well as to promote daylight buck activity during the pre-rut and rut as bucks must travel extensively to scent check the many doe bedding areas as well as the food plots.  These plots are currently in perennial clover/rye mix and provide lush feeding areas to complement the agricultural ground that surrounds the property and is annually planted in a corn/bean rotation.  There is appropriate depth of cover, and thick sanctuary areas, to enable buck bedding spots that are removed from the high-social pressure doe/fawn activity in and around the food plots. This sanctuary cover also attracts more deer to the property as the hunting season progresses, providing a “hidey-hole” for savvy older age-class bucks.

An extensive trail system has been established with a three-tier approach:

  1. Tier 1 trails are larger trails/logging roads accessible by UTV, compact tractor, or pickup truck for property and food-plot maintenance.
  2. Tier 2 trails are ATV accessible trails including a trail running the full circumference of the property, as well as interior trails, providing access for a quiet, low impact hunting strategy on foot, or by e-bike.  These trails have been groomed and sprayed to assure quiet approach to stand locations.
  3. Tier 3 trails are smaller trails designed to direct deer movement between bedding/food and cruising trails for bucks scent checking bedding areas and food plots for does.  These trails are designed to both provide high-quality stand locations and to maximize daytime deer movement on the parcel.

Year-round water sources are provided by two rock-bottomed creeks that transverse the entire property as well as small waterholes that were created when the logging road system was constructed.

At the south end of the property is a small (approximately 1.5 acre) tillable portion of ground.  This has historically been farmed as part of the south neighbor’s field.  This could generate a small rent or be converted to a nice destination food plot.

The property is 80% newly fenced, and posted, with the only non-fenced areas too thick to provide human access from outside the property.  All corner survey markers are located and marked.

The parking/camping area at the northeast corner of the property is out of sight of the road and well removed topographically from the rest of the property and takes advantage of the predominant westerly wind patterns to provide a low-impact camp and approach to stand locations. The resident covey of quail use this as a feeding area and can be heard calling in the mornings and afternoons in the spring. This spot would be a beautiful place for a small cabin.

This property is set up and ready to hunt. The seller will provide a map to the buyer indicating all trails, including the small trails located to define deer movement (only major trails are marked on the listing map), as well as mark current stand locations.  The seller is also willing to meet with the buyer at the property to give an in-depth tour of the habitat design and provide the strategic thought behind the set-up to give the lucky new owner a head start on hunting this fantastic property. 


Property Details

  • Approx. 1 hour 10 mins. from Indianapolis, 40 mins. from Terre Haute and 45 mins. from Bloomington
  • Diverse farm consisting of everything whitetails need in one location
  • Two creeks and several waterholes provide year-round water
  • Four lush food plots in clover/rye mix
  • Surrounded by bean/corn rotation agricultural land
  • Property designed and managed by experienced trophy whitetail hunter and habitat manager – will provide detailed maps of property and, if the buyer wants, a tour and details about strategy and stand locations
  • Extensive trail system in place
  • Excellent stand locations identified
  • Approximately 1.5 acres tillable could provide some rental income or be turned into an excellent destination food plot
  • Great cabin site
  • Property 80% newly fenced
  • Excellent turkey and morel hunting

0 Rentscheler Rd, Lot #WP001
Coal City, Indiana 47427
Two hunters shaking hands outside

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