Yellow Bank River Multi-Species Income Producing Hunting Property


Upon my initial viewing of the aerial photos for this property, I knew it was a unique piece and would be a good property.  Then, I physically walked it and to say it didn’t disappoint is an absolute understatement.  Make sure you scroll to the end of the pictures to see some updated aerial drone pics but picture this…you have a property that sits in the middle of two sections, there is a quarter-mile dead-end road to get to it from the north, a low traffic township road along the south side and sandwiched between the two is a habitat complex of rolling restored prairie and grasslands hills with about as nice of a wooded river corridor winding through the middle as one could ask for.  Upon cresting the hill to look at the river bottom, the deer were literally scattering like rats.  Top this off with hearing and flushing multiple pheasants, ducks/geese flying around, ducks in the river and a turkey crossing into the property.  All in all, it didn’t take long to see that this wasn’t just a good property but a great one with attributes that one dreams about!  The real key for the property is not only the restored prairie/grasslands but the North and South Fork Yellow Bank River run through the property and converge on the eastern property line which then continues generally North through the property.  I instantly had dreams of not only the deer living on the property but the number of bucks that would be cruising the river corridor in the rut.  The prairie/grassland portion of the property is enrolled in multiple CRP contracts which total roughly 178 acres.  The income for the 2019/2020 CRP year (payable Oct. 2020) produces just under $22,000.  Of this, approx. 75.6 acres has been re-enrolled into a new CRP contract with updated rental rates that push the annual income for the 2020/2021 CRP year (payable beginning Oct. 2021) to approx. $26,500 and has a contract period of at least the year 2027 with some contracts ending in 2028 and 2030.  These new areas have cost-share set up through the CRP program to do a cover upgrade on them which will only make the property even better (I will be glad to provide more details on how this works).  There is an old farm place on the North end of the property that would be a great place for a cabin or hunting lodge and there is a drilled well in place.  So, if you’re looking for not only a property that is absolutely a one of a kind, will provide opportunities for multiple species and also provides an annual income, you have to come check out this Yellow Bank River gem!

Property Details

  • Secluded in setting
  • Yellow Bank River wooded corridor running through the property
  • Annual long-term CRP income
  • Multiple access points
  • Multiple game species to hunt
  • Continuously managed habitat
  • Wildflower components for increased insects for pheasant chicks

Co Rd 72, Lot#WP001
Odessa, Minnesota 56276