Established Hunting Campsite With Power And Box Stands


Here is an excellent hunting property with an established basecamp within 60 minutes of the Twin Cities. Gated entry into the secluded campsite that already has electricity on-site as well as a small pond. The parcel is one giant sanctuary for the local wildlife with plenty of thick brushy cover. From the aerial views of this property, you can see there is a ton of agricultural ground and a large ridge just off the west side of the property. The local deer herd is sure to travel that ridgeline just below the agricultural fields and then use the parcel's thick cover as a travel corridor and sanctuary. There was a tremendous amount of deer sign throughout the parcel, with trails crisscrossing everywhere. There are also some trails that take you out of the camp to 3 separate box stands overlooking known deer travel areas. The property offers excellent hunting for deer, bear, and pheasant. There is also excellent waterfowl hunting over several acres of ponds near the center of the parcel. There is a quality bridge across the ponds providing access to the west and north ends of the property. This parcel has tremendous potential to produce trophy deer and bear hunting for many years to come.

Property Details

  • Gated entry
  • Established campsite with electric onsite
  • Just a couple miles from Wisconsin
  • Excellent hunting for deer and bear
  • Only an hour from the Twin Cities
  • Just 10 miles off Interstate 35
  • Many quality area lakes nearby
  • Excellent waterfowl hunting over several large ponds
  • 3 elevated box stands

14301 580th Street
Pine City, Minnesota 55063