Mixture Of Hardwoods, Thickets And Marsh Ground Tract Near Columbus



Have you ever stepped foot on a property and instantly know big bucks roam this piece?  The hairs on the back of your neck stand up visualizing being 20 feet up in that old oak tree and watching a 150" inch whitetail buck walking the thicket edge towards your stand.  These were the feelings I got when I walked this property for the first time.  Within a few minutes of walking down the muddy deer trails, I knew that this piece is prime for hunting trophy whitetails.  There is a perfect mix of hardwoods and grassy low ground areas.  These two habitats are laid out perfectly to be able to hunt many winds as well as it makes the property seem much larger than it really is.  I felt like I was walking an eighty, not a thirty.  Carrying costs are very low due to the property being enrolled in the MFL closed program.  The plan has a very well written plan only to remove the non-desirable trees. There aren't any mandatory heavy cuttings scheduled.  Take a look at the trail cam photos and you will see that there are many mature bucks annually which call this property home.   Call today to schedule a private showing and see what a prime whitetail hunting paradise looks like.     

Property Details

  • Trophy class whitetail hunting
  • Internal trail system for easy stand access
  • Prime habitat for holding mature whitetails
  • Perfect mixture of hardwoods, thicket and marsh ground
  • Borders destination food source
  • Pond and creek providing water source
  • High deer and turkey numbers
  • Possible food plot locations
  • Well written MFL Closed program with cheap taxes
  • Proven success on whitetail bucks over 150
  • Approximately 5 minutes from Columbus area
  • Approximately 15 minutes from Beaver Dam area
  • Approximately 20 minutes from Madison Area

County Road N, Lot#WP01
Columbus, Wisconsin 53925