Large Hunting Property With The Wolf Creek Running Through It



Wolf Creek winds across this property like a ribbon of life creating one of the prettiest settings you could ever hope for. Because this large property is located several miles upstream from the Menominee River, a variety of fish might be found, depending on the time of year. There are no reported trout in the water but you might just find perch, bluegill, largemouth bass, northern pike, suckers, bullhead, rock bass, or a few other species. What the creek provides is just a bonus to its beauty and the life it supports all year long. The grasses along its entire path create great bedding areas. The forest is varied, with a beautiful 25-acre stand of red pine found in the northeast corner, just about ready to be thinned again. A large stand of oak is found along the west side of the property that borders the neighboring farm field, planted in corn last year. Yes, there is a ton of sign on the property with scrapes, rubs, corridors and pinch points that are easy to locate. A fabulous trail system does a great job of helping move you through the property with ease. But there are quiet areas that provide the peace that every good buck needs to feel comfortable to stay within the borders of the property.  Look at the aerial photos and imagine food plots placed on either side of the creek and hunting blinds strategically placed to take advantage of any wind conditions. This property has curb appeal from one end to the other. The list of attributes provided by this property will grab you just as it did me. It is located on a dead-end road behind a gate and there is electricity available along the road so you can build your cabin or home. I challenge you to look at the video or the photos just once. Notice the deer trails that cross from side to side and follow the creek. As I stood along the creek a wild female mink took the liberty of looking for lunch under the bank and in the grasses at the creek’s edge, not paying attention to the noise I was making. Imagine finding your way to the edge of the hardwood, aspen, and pine forest that parallels the creek, you slip into position and your day has just begun. As you begin to relax, you hear the water breaking over the rocks, the ducks, geese, and woodcock fly by within shotgun range, your target for this evening has antlers. But as fall brings waterfowl from the north your focus just might change. If you can set aside a few hours to look at this property you will definitely want to own it. I can’t wait to show it. For the best description of what this property can provide you be sure to contact Terry Patrick, the listing agent. 

Property Details

  • This great property is located just 3 miles from Wausaukee, WI and Highway 141
  • The famous Menominee River is 2 miles east of the property, a fishing dream come true
  • It is just one hour from Green Bay to this property as the crow flies
  • Taxes are very low at $3,578 (2019)
  • The property has been enrolled in the Managed Forest Closed program-- you control who hunts your land
  • A snowmobile trail runs through the property and along its northern edge
  • This area is known for great access to ATV and snowmobile trails
  • Hunting includes deer, bear, ducks, geese, woodcock, turkey. and grouse
  • Much of the property was farmed many years ago
  • There is over 40’ of elevation change across the property from the creek to the oak ridge
  • Farm fields at the edge of the property provide tons of feed for resident deer
  • Primary species of trees include oak, maple, aspen, red pine, large white pine, white birch, spruce, and balsam
  • The soil is sandy and provides good drainage and great tree growth
  • It should be easy to locate a place to build your cabin as many nice locations exist

Pennington Road
Wausaukee, Wisconsin 54177