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5 States With Great Waterfowl Hunting Property

Duck hunting land for sale

No matter how skilled of a hunter you are, great hunting land always helps your odds of success. Sure, wetlands, swamps and rice fields are typically great for waterfowl hunting, but not all states contain the most ideal hunting areas. That’s where Waterfowl Properties comes in. 

Waterfowl Properties is here to help you find the best possible property for all of your waterfowl hunting needs and desires. Not all duck hunting land is created equal, though. Clearly, some states are known for having better hunting land than others for certain game and species. This post will help inform you about the best states in the U.S. for waterfowl hunting and what types of properties we can offer in those states.


  • 2015 Statewide Duck Harvest: 945,400 (19.4 ducks per hunter)*
  • 2012-13 Statewide Goose Harvest: 86,800 (4.4 geese per hunter)*
  • *Source:

Arkansas has some of the best waterfowl hunting in the nation because of its diverse geography and well-regulated and expansive Wildlife Management Areas. Including the Bayou Meto, Big Lake and Black River, these Wildlife Management Areas make up over 35,000 acres and provide fantastic hunting opportunities. However, with an estimated number of duck hunters around 48,600 and public land opportunities, hunting pressure can put the ducks in a funk. Some of the best Arkansas waterfowl property for sale is private land close to the WMAs with good food sources and water.  

One of the most significant factors of the duck hunting land for sale in Arkansas is the abundance of rice fields. These flooded fields act as makeshift wetlands, which provide food and shelter for ducks weary from traveling. The rivers, lakes and rice fields of Arkansas attract teals, ducks, Canada geese, white-fronted geese and many more, providing you with plenty of diverse waterfowl targets to choose from. Waterfowl Properties is pleased to provide beautiful Arkansas property in order to give you the best waterfowl hunting opportunities. From undeveloped hunting land to full estates, our Arkansas properties give you the best land in one of the best waterfowl states.

Waterfowl hunting land in Arkansas is selling fast. Keep an eye on the Arkansas listings. Our land specialists are working hard to bring you more opportunities to buy land in this renowned waterfowl hunting states. 


  • 2015 Statewide Duck Harvest: 733,700 (12 ducks per hunter)*
  • 2015 Statewide Goose Harvest: 92,600 (3.2 geese per hunter)*
  • *Source:

Texas is one of the primary pit stops for waterfowl migrating south along the central flyway, and even some birds taking a detour west, off the Mississippi. East Texas is typically wetter than West Texas, making it a choice waterfowl hunting spot. We don’t know about you, but that’s where we want to own hunting property! 

With both coastal and inland waterfowl hunting opportunities, mega-ranches and small honey holes, Texas is a vast area to search. We’re here to help you find the perfect property for your needs in Texas, which is mostly privately owned. Find properties featuring premium duck hunting land for sale in Texas and contact an agent today. 


  • 2015 Statewide Duck Harvest: 846,300 (18 ducks per hunter)*
  • 2015 Statewide Goose Harvest: 54,200 (4.1 geese per hunter)*
  • *Source:

Intercept the largest migration of ducks in the United States by choosing duck hunting property in Louisiana. 

On a broad scale, Louisiana can be divided into two distinct regions – Northern Louisiana and Southern Louisiana. Most of the habitat in the north region is primarily wooded river bottoms, open farmland, marshland and pine forests catering to migrating ducks.  

The Mississippi Alluvial Plain stretches along the Mississippi River from Arkansas in the north to the Gulf of Mexico in the south. Ridges and hollows characterize this area along the river. Fields atop the ridges along the river are referred to as the frontlands. The Mississippi Delta is the most fertile area of Louisiana and is a magnet for ducks and geese. 

The Sabine River Refuge is the largest coastal marsh refuge in the United States, which provides great waterfowl diversity flying around its canals and swamplands. Louisiana is the perfect state for ultimate waterfowl hunting. Choose from the best land in one of the best states for waterfowl hunting by purchasing property in Louisiana before the season starts. 


  • 2015 Statewide Duck Harvest: 573,400 (10 ducks per hunter)*
  • 2015 Statewide Goose Harvest: 143,700 (3.3 geese per hunter)*
  • *Source:

Owning a piece of Minnesota hunting land puts you right in the thick of one of the top waterfowl hunting states. It has nearly every environment a dedicated waterfowl hunter needs to have a great hunt. From grain fields to shallow wild rice fields, the land of 10,000 lakes, and home of the headwaters of the Mississippi River is a waterfowl haven. Minnesota is home to the largest resident Canada goose population in the United States. With all of these aspects in your favor, Minnesota might just give you your best years of duck hunting ever. To make that an even higher possibility, choose one of our gorgeous available properties complete with ideal waterfowl hunting habitat. 


  • 2015 Statewide Duck Harvest: 263,100 (10.8 ducks per hunter)*
  • 2015 Statewide Goose Harvest: 90,100 (4.1 geese per hunter)*
  • *Source:

Limits can come easy when you own private duck hunting land in Illinois. Fertile river corridors and a good mix of farmland and timbered acreage consistently produce action. The drainages surrounding the Mississippi and Illinois River offer habitat attractive to an array of waterfowl species.

Often overlooked as one of the best waterfowl destinations in the nation, the extreme southern tip of Illinois is covered by the northern reach of the Gulf Coastal Plain that stretches north from the Gulf of Mexico. This is the land between the Ohio River on the east and the Mississippi River on the west and is sometimes referred to as "Egypt" because of its resemblance to the Nile River Delta. This area also hosts a good chunk of Illinois farmland and an epicenter of duck and goose movement. Browse our Illinois waterfowl hunting property listings to see what the Land of Lincoln has to offer. 

Turn your hobby into a lifestyle by purchasing hunting property in one of the best states for waterfowl hunting land. From river valleys to rice fields, each of these states has something great to offer. 

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