What You Need to Know When Buying Hunting Land

It’s a misconception that buying rural land is simpler than purchasing residential property. Perhaps it stems from the stereotype that country folks prefer to close deals with a handshake rather than legal documents. We are big believers that a handshake and a person’s word are often the best signature you can have, but not when it comes to buying hunting land. You need concrete protection from the various issues you will face.

Access Issues

We have heard many stories of landowners selling property and assuring a buyer that road access was guaranteed through a neighbor. Some of these deals work for decades, but some disintegrate when there are disagreements among neighbors or new owners. We can only imagine the feeling of pulling up to the road that leads to your hunting property – the property that you put your life savings into –  and finding it blocked with nothing you can do about it. Don’t put yourself in this predicament.

You don't want to end up in a situation where you can't access your property. Either buy land accessible from a road, or get a written agreement from a neighbor. 

Land with no access isn’t completely worthless, but you should always try to buy acreage with road frontage. If that’s not possible, make sure no one can stop you from reaching your hunting land. It might mean you need to pay a small amount for road access. Get these agreements in writing and be sure they are transferable if you decide to sell the land one day. Whitetail Properties agents can help solve land access issues and protect your rights and your investment.

Mineral and Timber Rights

There are several questions you should ask yourself concerning mineral rights: Who currently owns the mineral rights on a parcel of property? Will you get them with the sale? What is the likelihood that the property will be mined?

In some states, mineral owners have the right to exploit their minerals and that takes precedent over surface ownership. Each state has varying regulations regarding mineral and timber rights, so do some research before striking a deal. Our land specialists are well informed about the intricate and ever-changing regulations.

Financing, Taxes and Insurance

Real estate transactions vary when the land is used for recreational purposes, as opposed to a farm or residential property. Each property presents different issues with taxes and insurance, but Whitetail Properties can make this guarantee: We will work to get a deal done that is within your budget. We will also educate you along the way by supplying tax records, trusted loan services and explanations of the right insurance you need.

One of our agents can help you navigate the ever-changing paperwork involved with buying hunting land.
One of our agents can help you navigate the ever-changing paperwork involved with buying hunting land. 

We are here to help protect your interests. Most people buy hunting land for personal enjoyment, but it’s also a profitable investment if the deal is done right. There is no better feeling than shaking the hands of our clients after a closing on the hunting property of their dreams, knowing they have control over access or mining rights and are protected as long as they own the land. You don’t have to do it on your own. Search for hunting properties and contact a land specialist in your state today.

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