The Top 7 Smokeless Stoves That Make Family Camping a Breeze

Yukon 2.0

Smokeless stoves are all the rage, and those who plan to go camping soon should include one in their arsenal. The benefits of a smokeless stove are many. As such, here’s what you need to know about smokeless stoves, plus the top seven smokeless stoves that make family camping a breeze.

What Is a Smokeless Stove?

A smokeless stove isn’t completely smokeless, but it’s as close as it gets. This is a unit that creates a flame without producing much smoke. For example, the Solo Stove pulls air through the bottom of the drum and top vent holes, effectively feeding the flames with an enriched infusion of oxygen. It operates in a manner that produces a much hotter flame (and secondary burn) yet lets off minimal smoke. (Secondary combustion is what really reduces the smoke.) Think of it as a very efficient form of fire that doesn’t produce as much realized smoke as other outdoor fire pits and stoves. On top of that, it implements a design that directs airflow (and the minimal smoke created) away from those sitting around it.

Yukon 2.0
The Solo Stove Yukon 2.0 is a beast (in a good way).

1. Solo Stove Yukon 2.0

The Yukon 2.0 by Solo Stove is an excellent offering available for 2024. It’s sleek, well-built, and offers a durable option for those who want a reliable smokeless stove for each family outing.

Key Features

● Material: Stainless steel

● Sizing: 27 inches (diameter) / 17 inches (height)

● Weight: 41.6 pounds

● Fuel Type: Wood

● MSRP: $449.99


● Yukon 2.0 fire pit

● New removable base plate and ash pan


● Very low smoke output

● Efficient wood burner

● Free shipping

● Lifetime product warranty


● Heavier weight

Ranger 2.0
The Ranger 2.0 by Solo Stove is loaded with advantages.

2. Solo Stove Ranger 2.0

The Solo Stove Ranger 2.0 is another great option for cooking, and it doubles as a great campfire heat source. This lightweight offering from Solo Stove is the ultimate camping accessory.

Key Features

● Material: Stainless steel

● Sizing: 15 inches (diameter) / 12.5 inches (height)

● Weight: 15 pounds

● MSRP: $199.99


● Ranger 2.0 fire pit

● Removable base plate and ash pan

● Carry case


● Lightweight design

● Durable, long-lasting build

● Removable ash pan

● Free shipping

● Lifetime product warranty


● Smaller diameter for cooking

The Breeo Y Series is an excellent portable smokeless fire pit.

3. Breeo Y Series Portable Smokeless Fire Pit

The Breeo Y Series Portable Smokeless Fire Pit is an excellent selection for campers and those wanting a stove around home. This model includes a built-in handle, making it super easy to move from one location to the next.

Key Features

● Material: Stainless steel

● Sizing: 21 inches (diameter) / 20 inches (cook height)

● Weight: 31 pounds

● Fuel Type: Pellets, lump charcoal, or wood

● MSRP: $449


● Fire pit

● Leg (stand) system


● Built-in handle

● Collapsible legs

● Built-in heat shield

● Safe to use on all surfaces

● Compatible with Searplate Griddle 19 and Outpost 19 grilling system

● Free shipping


● Bulkier design

BioLite FirePit+
The BioLite FirePit+ is larger, but it's excellent.

4. BioLite FirePit+

The BioLite FirePit+ offers a more open design. The patented combustion and X-Ray Mesh body make it simple to watch the flames crackle. It even has foldable legs, making it even more portable for trips and storage. It features a 14-hour burn time (on medium).

Key Features

● Sizing: 27 inches (wide) / 13 inches (deep) / 15.8 inches (tall)

● Weight: 19.8 pounds

● Fuel Type: Charcoal and wood

● MSRP: $249.95


● FirePit+

● Grill grate

● Fuel rack

● USB A to micro USB cord


● Better airflow and burn

● Rechargeable powerpack for fan

● 51 air jets provides oxygen in key locations

● Grill grate cooking compatible

● One-year warranty

● Free shipping


● Bulkier design and larger footprint

INNO STAGE Patented Smokeless Fire Pit
Check out the INNO STAGE patented smokeless fire pit for more efficiency.

5. InnoStage Smokeless Fire Pit

The InnoStage Smokeless Fire Pit is another great pick. It includes a middle air passage that increases efficiency and helps create a reliable, mostly smokeless burn.

Key Features

● Material: Metal

● Sizing: 20.75 inches (diameter) / 18 inches (tall) —large size

● Weight: 34 pounds

● Fuel Type: Pellet or wood

● MSRP: $152.98 (large size)


● Fire pit

● Leg stand kit


● Available in five sizes

● Portable handles

● Unique flame

● Durable design


● Bulkier design for carrying

The Cuisinart CleanBurn Smokeless Fire Pit is an excellent selection for those who like its style.

6. Cuisinart 19.5-Inch CleanBurn Smokeless Fire Pit

The Cuisinart 19.5-inch CleanBurn Smokeless Fire Pit produced high-heat performance. Its bottom vents pull in cooler oxygen, which feeds the flames more efficiently, and travels between the innovative curve-shaped double walls.

Key Features

● Material: Stainless steel

● Sizing: 19.5 inches (diameter) / 14.75 inches (tall)

● Weight: 21.5 pounds

● Fuel Type: Wood

● MSRP: $199.99


● Fire pit


● Low smoke design

● Cleanburn system design

● Real-fire pit heat

● Detachable, easy-to-clean ash tray


● Fewer included items

Blue Sky Ridge Smokeless Bundle
The Blue Sky Ridge Smokeless Bundle is one enthusiasts should consider.

7. Blue Sky Ridge Smokeless Bundle

The Ridge Smokeless Bundle by Blue Sky is a great choice for those who want much smaller units. This purchase includes two portable fire pits that get the job done well. These pull outside air into the bottom ring of holes on the burn chamber, and then travels through the hollow wall up the inside ring.

Key Features

● Material: Steel

● Sizing: 15.76 inches (diameter)

● Weight: 14.8 pounds

● Fuel Type: Wood or wood pellets

● MSRP: $159.99


● Fire pit

● Carrying bag


● Efficient design (with up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit)

● Compact shape and size

● Dual fuel capabilities

● Efficient burn process vaporizes wood particles (meaning less smoke)

● Very lightweight


● Smaller cooking surface compatibility

Yukon Cast Iron Grill Top

Bonus: Cast Iron Cooktops for Smokeless Stoves

Some campers already have a Solo Stove smokeless firepit or stove. Those who already have a great smokeless option might want a cooktop that’s compatible with it.

One product offering is the Solo Stove Yukon Cast Iron Grill Top. It’s made for open fire grilling, comes custom-molded for the Yukon cooking system, and even sports wide grates. It’s ideal for evenly heating seared steaks, vegetables, and more. The cooking surface diameter is 17.5 inches and weight is 17 pounds. It’s crafted from durable cast iron material. It includes a lifetime product warranty. MSRP is $89.99.

Another pick is the Solo Stove Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top, which is compatible with the Ranger cooking system. This cast-iron offering is great for cooking all things typically compatible with a griddle. The cooking surface diameter is 14.25 inches and weight is 12.5 pounds. It too includes a lifetime product warranty. MSRP is $74.99.

Who Needs a Smokeless Stove?

Those who plan to camp in general, or spend time in hunting camp, can benefit from a smokeless stove. Even those who want an outdoor heating and cooking space should consider purchasing one. It’s a beneficial cooking space that outdoorsmen and hunters, and general homeowners, might consider for their space, wherever that might be.

Things to Consider with Smokeless Stoves

There are other things to consider when looking to purchase a smokeless stove, including:

● Portability vs. permanency

● Size (diameters and heights range greatly)

● Weight (a few pounds to 75 pounds)

● Material (alloy steel or stainless steel)

● Fuel type (charcoal, gas, wood, or wood pellets)

● Cooking styles (grates, griddles, etc.)

● Safety (overall designs vary)

● Accessories (some include or offer add-ons)


Q: Do smokeless stoves produce smoke?

A: Smokeless stoves produce a very low volume of smoke, which is usually undetected once warmed up and running at peak performance.

Q: Are smokeless stoves good for heat production?

A: Larger smokeless stoves produce an acceptable amount of heat. Of course, smaller units produce less heat.

Q: What are good places for a smokeless stove?

A: Smokeless stoves are great for the outdoors, including camping, patios, porches, decks, and more.

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