Top Questions to Ask Your Builder About Warranties

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Outdoor recreational buildings, such as boat and RV storage facilities and hobby garages, represent a significant investment that a warranty is designed to protect.

However, not all warranties are the same or provide the level of protection you might expect. Dan Nyberg, Sales Analysis and Training Manager at Morton Buildings Inc., offers the top five questions to investigate about your warranty before you make your next building investment:

1.Ask for a written copy of the complete warranty.

This will allow you to fully understand the total cost of the building, including potentially hidden or hard-to-identify maintenance or life-cycle costs.

2.Obtain the contact information for the person or company you’ll need to reach should you file a warranty claim.

Many building companies provide third-party, pass-through warranties. We’ve heard many horror stories about how challenging it can be to track down the right contact with other contractors to collect on this type of warranty.

3.Find out whether the warranty is prorated.

With a prorated warranty, your covered costs diminish over time, offering you little protection.

4.Check the status of your warranty’s coverage for labor and paint.

In many cases, labor is not included in warranty coverage. Similarly, many contractors’ warranties do not cover paint failure, which leaves you largely unprotected within just a few short years.

5.Understand what wind loads are covered under your warranty.

Ask your builder, “If my building is damaged by high winds or snow loads, will it be repaired or replaced at no cost to me?” Ensure this is recorded within the warranty documentation.

Trusted Warranty Protection

Morton Buildings, the leader in post-frame manufacturing and construction, is proud to provide its customers with industry-leading warranty protection. ‘’Our warranties are handled in-house, including our high-quality materials and labor, for the full life of the warranty, and are not prorated,” says Nyberg.

He notes that Morton manufactures and provides direct warranties for its Hi-Rib steel, known for outstanding strength and durability. The company also offers several paint warranties based on paint type, building type, and use, and most coverage is for 35 years.

Another benefit to trusting Morton Buildings with your building warranty is Morton’s unequaled, five-year wind warranty with no wind velocity limit due to the strength of their post-frame buildings, Nyberg says.

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Boat/RV and other storage facilities are among Morton Buildings’ most popular structures, all protected by leading-industry warranties.

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