Trail Camera Tactics - When and Where to Hang them

Trail camera placement is all about understanding your property and how to hunt it. Tom James talks about some of the trail camera tactics he uses to pattern deer on his property.



A favorite tactic is to have a trail camera on a feeder. This a good way to get an inventory of your bucks. To see if they are regularly coming to your sites throughout the summer, a good time to hang your trail camera is in early June and keep the camera running all summer long. You’ll be able to see the growth of your bucks and see who is still coming around and see what new bucks that will show up. It’s good to set multiple ones up around your property to get a feel for what bucks are showing up to which food plot. This will serve as your leading tip on how to hunt a particular deer.


After you find out what bucks are coming and where, it’s time to set up a strategy your fall strategy. If you know your property pretty well, you can have a good idea on where he’s coming from. This lets you know where and if you can set up off the field, away from the food plot. This could be 50 to 200 yards away. The goal is to intercept him on his way to the field and food plot.


When it comes to hunting over food plots, many times the best strategy is not to hunt directly over them. Sometimes it can be ideal when the wind is just right and all the conditions are perfect, but other times it’s not always the best idea. One thing to consider is you can easily wear a food plot out. By frequently visiting or hunting over it, you are educating the deer when you are coming and entering the field.

Understanding your property and paying attention to the information that is gathered with your trail cameras, can really help you build a strong hunting strategy for the fall. Making trail cameras one of the best tools you can have access to.

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