Dan Perez

Broker / Principal Partner

Dan is one of the founding partners of Whitetail Properties, WP TV show host, Broker and Pro-Team member. 

With his roots embedded deeply in the loam of land stewardship, conservation, wildlife and hunting, Dan’s relationship with land is much deeper than passion. Combine his life long infatuation for land with his appetite for business, and desire to help others achieve their dream of land ownership and it becomes very clear that he is doing exactly what God put him on this earth to do. Dan believes that the only way to build a lasting business is to serve your clients and customers with the highest degree of honesty, integrity and care. He further believes that brand is much more than the size, shape or consistency of a logo or a symbol. It is much more than a tag line or color scheme. He admits though, that this type of brand does get the phone to ring.  However, he stands firm that the only branding that builds life long relationships with clients interested in buying or selling land has to do with the experience those clients have (regardless of the agent, region or state) when working with a Whitetail Properties land specialist.  Hence, all Whitetail Properties’ agents are true land specialist who think, eat, breathe, plant, hunt and know land.